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Beginner Level Classes

Descriptions of the Choreographies taught in the Beginners' level Classes


These classes are designed for the absolute beginners. No dance experience is necessary to participate in these courses. You will learn complete beginners' level choreographies. You will get the password for choreography notes from your teacher on the first day of class, which will allow you to print them directly from our website. You can purchase the music for the choreography you will be learning and even buy a video/DVD that shows you the choreography. - Everything you need to practice at home or catch up with the class.


These classes are designed for students who have taken at least six beginners' level courses, including Jasmine & Irkosily Veil. If you would like to learn more challenging choreographies and be among more serious students, this is the class for you. Typically there are less detailed or no notes for these classes, as we might make changes to the choreography as we go.

Below a description of the standard beginner dances:

Beginner's Level

SoundClip (wav):

Jasmine Drum Solo

A Drum or Tablah Solo is a song consisting of drumbeats. They are fast paced, exhilarating and real crowd pleasers! Jasmine Drum is a little over a minute of shakin’ shimmying fun! Along with the choreography for Jasmine Drum, you will learn some interesting directional hip work and lots of shimmy technique, including how to improve your shimmies, and make them strong, exact and controlled. If you want to learn how to shimmy, shimmy, shimmy, and get a great workout this is the dance for you!

Props: No Props


Jasmine is our beginners' level finger cymbals Dance & was originally choreographed by arguably the most famous Middle Eastern dance choreographer of the late twentieth century, Ibrahim Farrah.

This choreography incorporates both Lebanese folk & cabaret styles, which makes it exciting & innovative. It is a cute, fast paced dance, which is lots of fun to learn. And, best of all, Jasmine gives you the opportunity to smoothly incorporate playing finger cymbals into a choreography.

Props: Finger cymbals are required for this course, which can be purchased on the first day of class.

SoundClip Video (requires fast internet)

SoundClip Video (requires fast internet)

Vele Ya Vele

Vele Ya Vele was choreographed by Schadia. This is a lively song that has a very cute & sassy modern Egyptian style dance to go along with it. You will definitely have fun AND break a sweat learning this dance. The only "props" needed are Energy &
At-ti-tude! :)

Props: None

Haya Gat Alaya

This choreography will definitely let you show off your fabulous-ness! Haya Gat Alaya is sung by the very popular Samira Saeed & the dance to was choreographed by Schadia. This dance will inspire you to show the spunky, sassy and sexy side of your femininity. While learning this choreography you will learn sexy snakey abdominal and hip movements, traveling hip shimmies, powerful hip locks & some spunky folk steps, just for fun. Get ready to have a full body work out, while being sassy, sexy, and fab-u-lous!

Props: None

Video (requires fast internet)


This dance is elegance in motion. One of our newest beginner level choreographies, Zaina is beautiful classical Egyptian song written by one of Egypt’s most famous composers, Abdul Wahab. The dance that you will learn was inspired by Schadia's trip to Egypt. The silky style of the choreography is classical Egyptian & like "Mizmar" is just what you picture when you think "belly dance." It is graceful, elegant and fit for a queen.
In this dance you will learn the uplifted classical posture, Middle Eastern arabesques, & the most beautiful shoulder, abdominal & hip movements. You will also learn the graceful feminine hand and arm movements, which are the hallmark of Nazeem Allayl style dancing.

Props: None

Video (requires fast internet)

Irkosily Veil Dance

Irkosily Veil is our beginners' level veil dance. It was choreographed by the lovely & talented Margo Adu O'dell.

Irkosily Veil is a delicate and graceful dance, which is filled with elegance, strength, and femininity. Along with learning how to our most beautiful prop, the veil, this is dance will give your whole body a workout while making you feel like a princess.

Props: A three yard silk veil is required for this course. You can purchase your veil on the first day of class.

SoundClip Video (requires fast internet)

SoundClip Video (requires fast internet)

Irkosily Beledi Dance

Irkosily Beledi is the sassy sister of Irkosily Veil. It was originally choreographed by Margo Adu O'dell and spiced up a bit by Schadia. This dance lets your sassy and playful side come out. It has some really innovative steps & gives you the opportunity to learn horizontal, vertical and traveling hip movements. Irkosily Beledi is fun, fast-paced & playful with touches of elegance and grace too. It is a great dance for strengthening and toning your abdominal muscles, hips, and thighs -- while being sassy!

Props: None required.

The Pharonic Dance

This choreography takes beautiful new age music & fuses it with the most ancient of Egyptian movement. Taking poses found in the art of Pharonic times, this choreography emulates the feelings and movements that might have been performed by the dancers of Ancient Egypt. The choreography is flowing, seamless, beautiful and very mysterious.
If you would like to learn and/or perfect some key abdominal movements while learning those ultra smooth snaky lamp hand/ arm movements, you should definitely learn this breathtakingly beautiful dance.
As you can see from the photo, the Pharonic Dance incorporates the use of lamps into the choreography. Dancing with lamps is visually stunning to watch, which explains why lamps are far and away the most popular prop from an audience's perspective, making the ability to dance w/ lamps an exciting skill to add to your dance repertoire.

Props: Lamps SoundClip Video (requires fast internet)

Note: For safety reasons, the lamps will not be lit during class.

SoundClip Video (requires fast internet)


Mizmar was originally choreographed by one of the most famous Middle Eastern dance choreographer of the late twentieth century -- Ibrahim Farrah. Schadia has updated the choreography & given it new energy and flare. This dance will help you learn many of the beginner level moves in a single choreography.

Mizmar is in the classical Egyptian style. It is flowing, graceful and powerful & a student favorite. This dance is just what you picture when you think "belly dance."

Props: None

Hips don't lie

Schadia choreographed a most fabulous choreography to Shakira's mega hit Hips Don't Lie. It is super sassy, super sexy and hot hot hot! The dance fuses spicey Latin American dance moves with a cool flowing Middle Eastern flow. You are going to love this dance!

If want to "Shake It Like Shakira" for a six week course, OR you are obsessed with the "Hips Don't Lie" song and would totally love to learn an entire choreography to it, OR if you want to bring the HEAT into your belly dancing & burn everyone with your hot-ness, definitely join the "Hips don't Lie" course!

Props Required: None Props: None

Video (requires fast internet)

Baby Boy

Baby Boy is a contemporary R&B–dancehall song by pop singer Beyonce Knowles. It features Jamaican artist Sean Paul. This reggae fusion song is very fun, flirty and sassy.This dance to Baby Boy was choreographed by Nazeem Allayl member Lamia. Her choreography is a great introduction to reggae dancehall with a belly dance slant. It was inspired by Beyonce's style which is all about fluidity and moving her hips. Many of her moves are performed as though someone is going to take a picture at any moment, so each move is specially placed to be picturesque. This reggae/belly dance fantasy dance is so much fun to do and is sure to bring out the superstar in you!

Props Required: None Props: None

Video (requires fast internet)

Yoam Wara Yoam

Yoam Wara Yoam was choreographed by Schadia. This choreography is beautiful belly dancing & will make you the picture of soft feminine grace & confidence with an ever so slight bit of sassiness. In Schadia’s typical style this dance has the most graceful and beautiful hand and arm movements and a choreography that flows seamlessly together with the lyrics and music of the song. This class will include smooth, elegant abdominal & hip movements, dramatic hip locks & drops, beautiful turns, and a low impact yet intense work out for your entire body . This choreography will also help you to enhance the grace with which you dance.

SoundClip Video (requires fast internet)

Props Required: None

Technique Course (Level I)

This class will focus exclusively on belly dance technique. Your instructor will go over basic moves with you in great detail -- breaking down individual moves and showing you ways to establish and improve your belly dance technique. This class gives you the workout of your life! Be ready to sweat, burn off some serious calories, and work hard!!

The difference between this class and a choreography class is that in the technique class you focus on individual areas of the body and establishing the muscle memory for individual moves throughout the six-week course, whereas in the choreography classes you learn an entire choreography to a piece of music during the six week course. Both kinds of courses are technique driven and will give you a great workout. They just have different focuses, i.e. the Technique Course focuses on repetitive practice of individual moves, while a Choreography Course progresses through a specific choreography.

Props: None

Belly Dance Workout (Level I)

Are you thinking about taking belly dance classes, but don't want to commit to a six week course?

This course accomodates irregular work schedules as it is
Cost: $10 / session

Get exposed to body undulations, turns, shimmies and upper body isolations of this ancient and beautiful dance form.


Loose workout cloths, thick socks or ballet slippers. - Open to all Levels.


This class emphasizes the "workout" aspect of bellydance to Middle Eastern, Latin, and Urban music. Each week, the focus is on one aspect of belly dancing without relying on prerequiste knowledge. So anyone can join at any time, perfect if you just want to dance and sweat!

Walk-ins welcome

By popular demand this class is a pay-as-you-go, $10/session. Each class is independent of the other so students may join at anytime.
  • Want to learn how to do all of those super hot Shakira style hip undulations?
  • Want to learn how to do those cool chest & torso undulations?
  • Want to learn how to do chest & hip locks like Shakira?
  • Want to learn how to do the hip-roll?
  • Want to know if your hips don't lie?

Belly Dance Cardio - Beginner Lvl 2

Nothing sensuous about this class: We warm up and then don't stop the music till the end of class, and we mean business. Shimmy your body to gain stamina while burning calories and toning legs and arms.

Props: None

Cost: $10 / session

Any 2 Beginner level courses

Get exposed to body undulations, turns, shimmies and upper body isolations of this ancient and beautiful dance form.

Belly dancing not only works your midsection, it makes for a full-body workout that shapes and tones muscles, including transverse abdominals, tones the upper body, obliques, glutes, quadriceps and calves by isolating the muscles through stretching and exercise, including lunges and belly flutters, hip circles, and shimmying.
("From Flab to FAB: Belly Dance your way to Fitness",
Ebony Magazine, August 2007)

Working the abdominal muscles
and the thighs

"Within six weeks - if you practice at home - you can lose inches"
(Ebony Magazine, 8/07, pg 102).

All levels Dances

Bollywood - Indian style dancing

Bollywood and Bhangra style dances are fast and involve jumping, dropping and rapid arm movements. In this class students will learn the basics of typical Bollywood and Bhangra style dancing moves, including frequently used steps, hand gestures, and head and eye movements. We will learn some high energy routines to happy, high energy music. Compared to our Belly Dance classes, the Bollywood course is faster and more intense.

Props: N/A

Video (requires fast internet)

American Tribal Style Dancing (ATS)

ATS Techniques and Formations: You will learn the moves, combinations, and formations from the different flavors of American Tribal Style Belly Dance, including Jamila Salimpour/Bal-Anat, Carolena/FatChance and Kajira/Blacksheep styles. ATS moves are mostly borrowed from Middle Eastern belly dance, so you will encounter your familiar Figure 8, Shimmies, etc. What makes ATS special is what it does not have: ATS does not use choreographies, but instead relies on a lead dancer improvising and giving signals/cues to the fellow tribal dancers. Thus, ATS is best performed in groups (tribes), and requires a common "vocabulary" of moves/combinations and their cues.

Props: Zills

Video (requires fast internet)

Tribal Fusion Style Dance - Techniques and Combinations

You will learn the moves and combinations that dominate the Tribal Fusion style of belly dance. Tribal Fusion has its origins in another form of dance called American Tribal Style (ATS) belly dance, which we also teach, but only b/c many of its creators are former ATS style dancers. It really has nothing to do with ATS at all: Unlike ATS, tribal fusion frequently uses choreography, it is frequently performed solo, and the costume uses a bra/belt combination with pants, not choli tops and skirts like ATS does. It uses none of the cues/formations that ATS does.

Props: N/A

Video (requires fast internet)

Intermediate Level Dances


Cadez is a beautiful, elegant Egyptian style veil dance infused with Spanish flair and flamenco attitude. The song is a classical piece from the Spanish/Middle Eastern fusion genre. It will inspire you and bring out your haughty side, as you stand proud and dance with serious flamenco finesse. This class is a challenge, but you are rewarded with an amazing choreography by the end of the course.

Props: A three yard silk veil is required for this course.

Video (requires fast internet)

Amar Haween

Amar Haween is a modern Lebanese "folk" dance. You can throw all of your stereotypes about folk dances out the window though, because this dance is flashy, fun & rockin' out!! This dance was originally choreographed by Ibrahim Farrah, a Lebanese-American and arguably the most famous choreographer of Middle Eastern dance in the later 20th century. Although the choreography remains true to the original feeling that was given to it by Ibrahim Farrah, Schadia has changed it over the years to fit her style. Finger Cymbals were also recently added to the dance.

Props: Finger cymbals are required for this class.

Video (requires fast internet)

El Salaam

The dance to El Salaam was choreographed by Schadia, with strong influences from Jillina. The song is sung by Hakim, who is an extremely popular & talented Egyptian singer (not to mention being a complete cutey pie!!). Middle Easterners love this song & for good reason. It rocks! The choreography is a modern Egyptian cabaret style dance. It is VERY cute & sassy & lots of fun to perform.

Props: None

La Azon

La Azon was originally choreographed by Jillina and was sassified and spiced up to reflect the Nazeem Allayl Style by Schadia. The song "La Azon" is sung by the hugely popular Egyptian singer Muhammad Fuad. The choreography incorporates both Egyptian beledi and cabaret styles & is a fun celebration of life!

Props: None

Ah wi Nuss

Ah Wi Nuss is a wildly popular song, sung by the beloved Lebanese singer, Nancy Ajram. The dance you will be learning was choreographed by Hadil. Hadil's choreography was inspired by Ousama Emam's original choreography to the same song, which Hadil learned in his class while visiting Giza, Egypt. Hadil's choreography is sweet, feminine, entertaining, and lots of fun to learn and perform. You are going to love this choreography and dancing to this song. It will be a pure delight & a great work out too!

Props: None Video (requires fast internet)


Chaiya is a Bollywood style Indian dance. "Bollywood has north Indian kathak, south Indian classical, hip-hop, disco, folk, jazz, all combined with a lot of style," says Montre Bhiwandiwala, who teaches Bollywood dancing. Bollywood music, which is also called filmi music, has always been remarkably eclectic, borrowing freely from classical Indian ragas, Sufi love songs, Bengal's baul folk music, disco and rap but giving everything a uniquely Indian twist.

Props Required: None

Video (requires fast internet)


Djenna is to a very old Lebanese style music. In his youth, the restaurant owner Nicola himself danced to it when he was part of a dance company. Djenna means “crazy, out of ones mind” and is usually in the context of love. Our choreography is a modern interpretation of this song.

The video shows a partner dance version of Djenna. Imagine this being the lebanese version of
"girls going crazy for their favorite singer".

Props Required: None

Video (requires fast internet)

Insch Allah

Insch Allah, which translates to “It’s all in Gods hand”, is a very upbeat song. The singer Lapifa talks about a boy asking his girlfriend where this relationship is going, and she answers “It’s all in Gods hand”.

The Nazeem Alsabah troupe member Nahar choreographed the dance to this lovely song, and also incorporated zills. The video shows a rare version of this dance, as it is not often that you see a dance performed by 10 dancers that all play the finger cymbals.

Props Required: Zills Video (requires fast internet)


Meniak is sung by the Egypian singer Hakim, who is one of the Arab worlds most popular performers. The original choreographer for Menidakis Jillina, but Jenna tuned it up a notch and added the “Nazeem Allayl” flavor to it.

Props Required: None Video (requires fast internet)


In Shawaatena, the singer tells of the anxiety caused by a tumultuous romance. A more serious song than most, the choreography emphasizes technique and expression of feelings.

Props Required: None Video (requires fast internet)

Tales of the Sahara

Tales of the Sahara was originally choreographed by Bozenka. Bozenka’s style and hence this dance is of the American genre of belly dance. The American style can be seen in the different ways the choreographer interprets the music, as well as through influence of western dance forms such as ballet and jazz on the choreography.

Props Required: None Video (requires fast internet)