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Hips Don't Lie

Schadia choreographed a most fabulous choreography to Shakira's mega hit Hips Don't Lie. It is super sassy, super sexy and hot hot hot! The dance fuses spicey Latin American dance moves with a cool flowing Middle Eastern flow. You are going to love this dance!

If want to "Shake It Like Shakira" for a six week course, OR you are obsessed with the "Hips Don't Lie" song and would totally love to learn an entire choreography to it, OR if you want to bring the HEAT into your belly dancing & burn everyone with your hot-ness, definitely join the "Hips don't Lie" course!

Props Required: None

You will learn these moves:

  • Salsa Step
  • North African Step
  • Shoulder Shakes
  • Pelvic Shimmy
  • Reverse Camel
  • Camel
  • Chest Lift/Drop
  • Hip Circle
  • “Corkscrew”
  • Maya, Traveling Maya
  • 3/4 Shimmy
  • Basic Freestyling
Video (30 sec, wmv) will auto-start (no Mac's)