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Belly Dance Workout

Are you thinking about taking belly dance classes, but don't want to commit to a six week course?

Our belly dance workout courses will give you a taste of belly dance while also giving you a great workout. They will introduce you to our studios, and accommodate irregular work schedules as the classes are pay-as-you-go.

Loose workout clothes, thick socks or ballet slippers for footwear.

   Types of Workout Classes:

Cost: $10 / session

Discounted Punch-cards are available:

$50 (5+1 free sessions) and $100 (10+3 free sessions)

These are *NOT* strictly belly dance classes, but instead are exercise classes that principally use belly dance moves to give you a great cardio workout. If you want belly dance based weekly workout classes that you can join any time, these classes are for you. If you want to learn the art of belly dancing, please check out our six week belly dance courses.

>> Abs Glutes & Thighs Walk-In & Workout Classes:

Did you know that the Nazeem Allayl style of belly dancing will not only give you abs of steel, but thighs of titanium?! Come check out this class that has you maintaining the correct core & thigh strengthening belly dance posture while focusing on upper, middle and lower abdominal isolations, hip movements, and some great booty shaping exercises too. We will be dancing to awesome western and eastern music, while doing fun dance combinations to get your heart beating & your abs & thighs begging for mercy!

>> Global Grooves Walk-In & Workout Classes:

Using moves & music from belly dance as well as other dance forms, you'll be dancing like an Egyptian to Shabi music, jumping to Bollywood Bhangra music, shaking your hips to Tahitian drums, pop-locking to Tribal Fusion, and... that's just the beginning! We will be doing isolations to increase your flexibility and tone your muscles. We will drill movements to build strength in your upper body, core, and legs. We will be doing cardio to burn those calories. - all while dancing to some of the globe's best grooves!

>> Belly Boot Camp Walk-In & Workout Classes:

Oh watch out! Schadia has gotten out her camouflaged hip sash & is teaching a weekly belly busting boot camp class! Come & train with the owner of the Nazeem Allayl Studios, the founder & director of the Nazeem Allayl & Nazeem Alsabah dance companies.

  • Want to lose those holiday pounds?
  • Want to get reinvigorated & back into working out?
  • Want to look fabulous in 2010?
Bring it girl! This class will be a fast paced, shimmy-shaking, hardcore belly dance workout incorporating belly dance moves with exercises taken from the fitness & aerobics world as well. Bring a towel and get ready to SWEAT.

>> Yoga for Belly Dance Walk-In & Workout Classes:

Did you know that many belly dancers are also yoga students? There are two main reasons for this.

Physically, the control over ones body gained from Yoga exercises helps belly dancers perform their moves. Isolation and stretching are common to both art forms, and consequently many belly dance teachers use Yoga for warm-up exercises.
Mentally, belly dancers benefit from the mental exercises that Yoga provides to improve ones focus when needed. (Source: Connections: Yoga and Belly Dance by Narah. www.gildedserpent. com/art46/narahyogabd.htm)

The Yoga for Belly Dancers class is designed for those new to yoga and/or belly dance. You will learn basic yoga poses, breathing, transitions, relaxation and muscle control, which will help you improve your strength, flexibility and concentration. These will in turn help you become a better, stronger and more balanced dancer.

>> BellyCaribbean Cardio Walk-In & Workout Classes:

Get ready to dance like they do on the beaches of the Red Sea AND Puerto Rico! We are going to work it out fusion style with a combination of Salsa, Cha cha, Afro-cuban, Merengue, and Belly Dance. Get a great workout and learn some moves you can take to straight to the dance floor. This class will bring a smile to your face, and a swing to your hip all while dancing to some of the hottest dance music in the world. - A really fun and care free way to end a hard day.


Let us know if there are other day/time slots that you would want this class to be offered!