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Learn Restaurant Style Dancing

You have been to restaurants where belly dancers entertained the guests. You saw them get big tips, being showered with flowers and dollars, signing autographs, and getting a paycheck at the end of the night.

That interests you?

Restaurant Dancing Workshop

We offer special workshops where we cover a range of topics including:


  • Cultural issues related to dancing
    Important middle eastern hollidays, profiles of different cultures and their favorite music, how to correctly accept tips, etc.
  • Costume issues related to dancing at restaurants:
    What to wear, where to change, how many costumes one should bring, etc.
  • Restaurant audiences and how to handle special situations
    How to work with waiters, how to deal with children, stalkers, fans, etc.
  • Getting gigs and negotiating a salary
    How do you get into a restaurant, appropriate salaries, tax issues, the competition and the dance community, etc.
  • Improv dancing
    Since at a restaurant you can rarely dance a choreography, here you learn how to improvise, respond to interruptions (accepting a tip, avoiding a waiter), etc.
  • The Restaurant Environement
    How to deal with the owners, waiters, sound system, appropriate volume levels, choice of music, etc.


  • Simulation of restaurant dancing
    Here we simulate a restaurant environment using role play techniques. Senior dancers share their experiences and stories, give you valueable tips and advice, and you watch video clips of restaurant dancers that are discussed and critiqued.
  • Apprenticeship
    We have arrangements with a restaurants where we can bring in 'trainees' to dance with our professional dancers to gain experience. That way, you dance next to a professional who can help you should there be a problem, while you gain valuable experience.