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Tribal Fusion

Pop & Lock style belly dancing in Atlanta

Tribal Fusion Style Dance - Techniques and Combinations

You will learn the moves and combinations that dominate the Tribal Fusion style of belly dance.

Attire: Melodia or yoga pants (available at studio),
otherwise loose workout clothes, thick socks or ballet slippers for footwear.
Open to all Levels

Schadia performing Tribal Fusion Dance

Mahtaab 2010

History and Background Information on Tribal Fusion Style belly dance

Tribal fusion style dance started 1996 with Ultra Gypsy Dance Theatre and their founder Jill Parker, a former member of Fat Chance Belly Dance (early American Tribal Style [ATS] dance group). Ultra Gypsy used ATS moves, but added choreography and burlesque and cabaret elements. Costumes were adjusted accordingly to go with this new style.

Another contributor to this dance form is Urban Tribal Dance (1999) and their founder Heather Stants. Urban tribal incorporated a lot of hip hop and street dance styles, and added later moves from modern dance. Costuming tends to be minimalistic.
One member of Urban Tribal Dance in particular, Mardi Love, heavily influenced the costuming style.

Finally, Tribal fusion was internationally popularized by The Indigo with its members Rachel Brice (former Ultra Gypsy member), Mardi Love (former Urban Tribal Dance member), Ariellah (introduced pop & lock into the dance), and Zoe Jakes. The Indigo started touring with the Belly Dance Superstars, and thus introduced this dance form world wide.

Another major influence on this dance form is Melodia with her line of Melodia Pants - a must have for any serious tribal fusion dancer.

Tribal Fusion has its origins in another form of dance called American Tribal Style (ATS) belly dance, which we also teach, but only b/c many of its creators are former ATS style dancers. It really has nothing to do with ATS at all: Unlike ATS, tribal fusion frequently uses choreography, it is frequently performed solo, and the costume uses a bra/belt combination with pants, not choli tops and skirts like ATS does. It uses none of the cues/formations that ATS does.