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Fashion Show
Outfits for sale at AtlantaBellyDance

#1 Evil eye necklace and matching bracelet,
turquoise velvet sequin top and matching skirt w/ white/silver sash. Silver earrings

#2 Same turquoise velvet sequin top as above, with royal blue tiered skirt and tie dye coin sash

#3 Velvet fringe coin bra and fringe skirt, with palazzo pants, silver shoes and earrings

#4 Black satin flared sleeve tie top, chiffon red/black circle skirt with black/silver coin sash

#5Fuschia petal skirt and harem pants, with matching gold coin&pallette fuschia sash,
brown chiffon tie top and pharonic gold earrings. Golden shoes

#6 Blue fringe skirt on light blue chiffon harem pants, black top

#7 Pink satin skirt with silver top, matching tie dye coin sash w/silver, silver shoes and silver necklace

#8 Orange harem pants with silver top, golden shoes, orange tie dye coin sash w/gold coins

#9 Left: Indian style bra/belt/headband combo with black/silver chiffan harem pants,
#10 Right:Velvet bra/belt combo with fringe skirt and black palazzo pants. Silver necklace and earrings, black shoes

#11 Blue top and harem pants, with harlekin skirt and silver shoes

#12 Dark pink top w/purple gypsy skirt, royal purple coin sash w/pink silver beads, silver armband

#13 Yellow satin top w/red bra, beaded belt and red satin skirt, gold shoes

#14 Chiffon top and matching skirt with coin sash

#15 Red chiffon top and skirt, fairy skirt on top, three-color coin sash

#16 White satin harem pants, with burgundy velvet hip scarf and matching bra top w/silver coins

#17 Brown palazzo pants with tiger velvet top and matching hip scarf w/gold coins

#18 Turkish beginner costume set in blue w/gold accent, w/blue satin skirt

#19 Silver turkish costume set w/gold accent, white chiffan harem pants

#20 Left: pink chiffon skirt w/silver coins, silver shoes, purple chiffon w/silver coins sash and top
#21 Right: Black cotton harem pants, black shoes, pink cotton top, pink sash w/pallets

#22 Left: Dark green tiered skirt w/beed belt, green top, gold shoes
#23 Right: Black shoes, black cotton harem pants, beed belt, green top

#24 Pink velvet top, belt, and skirt set w/gold accents

#25 Studio top, black palazzo pants, and multi-colored coin sash

#26 Studio top, black chiffon pants and skirt, pink coin sash

#27 Left:L Studio top, pink palazzo pants, pink/white coin sash
#28 Right: Studio top, pink chiffon skirts and pants, pink palette sash

#29 Studio top, dark pink velvet skirt, black sash w/silver coins, silver shoes

#30 Left: Studio top, pink palazzo pants, black/silver fringe skirt, silver earrings
#31 Right: Studio top, black chiffon skirt and black/gold coin sash