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The Nazeem Allayl Studios' Dancers

Entertaining the Metro-Atlanta area
since 1999.

We are organized into three troupes, the professional troupe (Nazeem Allayl) and our amateur performing troupe (Nazeem Almassah), and our student troupe (Nazeem Alsabah), all under the direction of Schadia.

Contact us:
or call (404) 638-6530 b/w 10am-10pm ET

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Meet the Nazeem Allayl Studios' Dancers

Meet our Alumni and see pictures from years ago

Nazeem Allayl Studio Show Spring 2010
Featuring our Teachers, Troupe members, and Student Groups

Nazeem Allayl
"Breezes of the Night"

The Nazeem Allayl Dancers are a professional performing dance company based in the Atlanta Georgia area. Created by and under the direction of Schadia, Nazeem Allayl has been in demand since it's inception in 1999. They are known throughout the United States for their electrifying and expressive performances on stage and for their professionalism off stage.

The dancers of Nazeem Allayl are a special treasure, and when you see their gift for interpreting the flowing complexity of Middle Eastern music, rhythms and movement, you'll know why. From their graceful Lebanese belly dances to their sassy Turkish gypsy nouveau & fresh American fusions, Nazeem Allayl always thrills and delights their audience.

Each member of the Nazeem Allayl Dance Company is an accomplished dancer in her own right & was chosen because of her ability to be hold an audience's attention as both a soloist and troupe dancer. All of the Nazeem Allayl Dancers have had extensive Middle Eastern dance training, as well as having diverse dance backgrounds. Along with being beautiful & talented professional dancers, the members of Nazeem Allayl are also the principle instructors at the Nazeem Allayl Studio.

The amazing dancers of Nazeem Allayl are available for hire to dance at your event or restaurant, or to teach mini-workshops for women at bachelorette parties, ladies-night out, red-hat meetings, sweet-sixteen parties, or whenever women get together, want to feel fabulous and have fun.

Nazeem Alsabah"Breezes of the Dawn"

The name Nazeem Alsabah means "Breezes of the Dawn" in Arabic. Schadia founded this troupe in 2002 as an amateur organization & creative outlet for our studio's students. It has blossomed into one of the best Middle Eastern Dance Troupes in the U.S. -- amateur or professional.

The members of Nazeem Alsabah are from diverse backgrounds & all share a deep love for and commitment to belly dance, our studio, and performing. Being in Nazeem Alsabah gives dancers an opportunity to seriously challenge themselves, develop their talent and performance skills & be extremely fabulous. It is also a wonderful way to bond with other dancers, make friends, and have a lot of fun while doing something you love.

Members of Nazeem Alsabah are serious dancers, who have a very busy class, practice, and performance schedule representing the largest belly dance studio in the United States and one of, if not THE, largest belly dance studio in the world. They represent the studios at Women's Charity Events, Festivals, & Dance Showcases. Some members of Nazeem Alsabah also dance professionally as part of the Nazeem Allayl organization and have performed as soloists at many Atlanta restaurants as well as at parties, weddings, corporate events and the like. Nazeem Alsabah members are also Teaching Assistants at both of our studios and occasionally substitute as a lead teacher.

Community Support

The Nazeem Allayl Studios are an active and supporting participant in the Atlanta Community: Troupe members of Nazeem Allayl and/or Nazeem Alsabah performed at:
  • July, 2013: Nazeem Alsabah performed at Little 5 Points Community Center
  • Summer 2011+2012: Nazeem Alsabah performed at Atlanta Streets Alive
  • April, 2011+2012: Nazeem Alsabah and Nazeem Allayl performed at the GA Renaissance Festival
  • February 27th 2010: Nazeem Alsabah and Nazeem Allayl @ Day of Dance for Health, North Atlanta High School, organized by Piedmont Hospital
  • January 20th 2010: Nazeem Alsaah performs at the Chamber of Commerce New Years party at the Georgia Aquarium (Pictures)
  • October 10th 2009: Nazeem Alsabah performs as Atlanta Parent Magazine's Family Block Party at Mercer University (Pictures)
  • September 10th 2009: Nazeem Alsabah members Sabeen and Daneen perform at Childrens Library day of Alpharetta
  • May 31st 2009: Nazeem Alsabah members Salwah and Sabeen performed and taught at Life to Go Seminar (Pictures)
  • May 9th 2009: Nazeem Alsabah performed and taught @ Project Curve Appeal at the Georgia International Convention Center (Pictures)
  • Saturday, February 28th 2009: Nazeem Alsabah and Nazeem Allayl @ Day of Dance for Health, North Atlanta High School, organized by Piedmont Hospital (Pictures)
  • Sunday, January 18th 2009: Nazeem Alsabah @ Girls Scout Conference,
  • the Mercer University Family Block Party Family Festival, Saturday, October 11, 2008 (Pictures)
  • the Stone Mountain Health Fair, Saturday September 27, 2008 (Pictures)
  • the Sean Maxwell Project Fashion Show supporting the Georgia Breast Cancer Foundation at "The Opera", April 26, 2008. (Pictures)
  • International Night Fundraiser for the National Association of Serving Hands, 2008 (Pictures)
  • Dogwood festival Cultural Corner, Atlanta April 2006
  • Charity Performance at Fundraiser for Lebanese Rotary Clubs, 2005, 2006 (Pictures)
  • Candler Park Community Fall Fest, 2003, 2004 (Pictures)
  • Hands On Atlanta Charity Holiday Party, 2002
  • St. Jude's Middle Eastern VIP fundraiser party, 2001
  • Gwinnett Hospital System Foundation Ball, 2001
  • Amercian Cancer Society Fund Raiser, 2000

Nazeem Alsabah @ Breast Cancer Foundation
Fundraiser @ The Opera, 2008

Nazeem Allayl Studios supports Piedmont Hospital
@ The Day of Dance for Health since 2009

Nazeem Allayl and Nazeem Alsabah Members, May 2010

Chamber of Commerce @ GA Aquarium, 2010

Chamber of Commerce @ GA Aquarium, 2010

Day Of Dance for Health, 2009

Atlanta Parent Magazine's Family Block Party at Mercer University, 2009

Life to Go Seminar, 2009

Project Curve Appeal, 2009

Mercer University, 2008

Stone Mountain Health Fair, 2008

National Association of Serving Hands, 2008

Dogwood Festival 2006

American Cancer Society Fund Raiser, 2000