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Egyptian Cabaret style Belly Dancing
Raqs Sharqi

Modern Egyptian cabaret dancing is a contemporary Egyptian nightclub style of bellydancing. It is very controlled, elegant, refined and often includes some ballet. Muscular control is emphasized and movements are small and internalized. "Less is More" seems to be the working philosophy.

An American dancer who dances this style is Shareen El Safy. Morocco dances Old Style Egyptian cabaret, eschewing the Russian balletic influences in favor of the original Egyptian dance.

Egyptian law poses many restrictions on belly dancers dancers' movements and costuming, which prevents dancers from performing floor work and certain pelvic movements. Egyptians must by law wear stomach covers, so many followers of the style do that also.

A rebel showing belly

Egyptian Cabaret Music:

Today's modern Egyptian belly dance incorporates sound mix, orchestra, and drum machine, seasoned with lively vocals.

Egyptian Cabaret Costumes:

Costumes are customarily very glitzy and elaborately beaded. Various styles have been popular over the years. Madame Abla is legendary for her modern Egyptian costume designs.
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