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An Overview of Belly Dance

This actually turned out to be quite a large subsite of its own. It'll take you a while to read it all.

Definition: What is actually belly dance?
Origins: Where does belly dance come from?

Styles: What styles of bellydance exist?
Costumes: What kind of customes are used?
Props: What kind of props are used?
Music: What kind of music is used?
Choreography vs. Improvisation: Who uses what?
Troupe dance vs. Solo: How many dancers does it take?
Male Belly Dancers: It's not just for women

I tried to give credit to the original sources as good as I could, and if I missed one, please let me know and I fix it. While it is netiquette to instead link to the respective articles, this would not have worked for this site as I incorporated pictures as much as possible in a never before done manner, and in addition used very different groupings than most other sites. So instead, I give credit to the original authors and encourage you to go to their sites for more information and to read their view on the topics.

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