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Getting Started

Returning students:

New Students:

Welcome! We teach five weeks courses that meet once a week for an hour. We offer beginner-level classes every day. So for example, the Monday 8pm (c)horeography class meets for 5 Mondays 8-9pm. You'll need to check our class schedule, and once you find a day/time combination that works for you, check our calendar on when the next five week course starts for that day-of-week.

Below are the steps that you'll need to follow:
1) Is belly dancing right for me?You must be a women (16+) who wants to dance, that's it for prerequisites.
Still not sure? Read these: Why us, health benefits, but I'm.., other myths.
2) What class is best for me?

Technique or Choreography? Workout or Combinations?

All are designed for beginners in that you first learn basic moves.

Belly Dance Workout - pay as you go

You can either pay-as-you-go for $10/session or buy a discounted punch-card. Every time you attend one of the sessions, we punch one hole (or two if you bring a friend along). Pay-as-you-go classes are belly dance workout classes where we drill basic belly dance moves and perform exercises to strengthen the muscles used in belly dance. There is no choreography.
Most flexible: You can attend multiple classes in a week at any of our studios or skip sessions if you want--it's up to you since you only "pay" when you use the punch card.
Simple moves only: Since these are walk-in classes and each session can have new students, we never build on previous weeks' knowledge. We start fresh each time, covering moves that are simple enough for first-timers. We'll also offer advanced variations for returning students who want more of a challenge. If you'd prefer to learn complex moves or choreographies, you should take a six week technique or choreography course (see below).

Five week courses - Choreography, Technique, and Combinations

If you actually want to progress and learn a dance, you need to take a
Choreography Course: In weeks 1-3, we teach the technique for a particular dance (see schedule). Then in weeks 4-5, we put the moves in sequence to form a simple choreography to a particular piece of music. You don't have to perform the dance in public ever, but if you want to, we host a variety of shows each year with ample performance opportunities.
Technique courses: Technique I is a great way to get an overview of belly dance moves. In this class we teach all of the beginner level belly dance moves, focusing on correct posture and breaking down all the details. In this class we only drill moves-there is no choreography. You can start off with a technique class, but you don't have to.
Combinations courses Combo courses are a hybrid. In these courses, we teach both technique and combinations each session, usually to a theme like Totally Turkish or Shake it like Shakira.

3) Every day -
Which day/time works for you?
See schedules from Little 5 Points Studio, Windy Hill Studio, and the Peachtree Corners Studio.
Not sure which one is closer to you? See studio locations.
4) Which 5-week course start date?
You can only join a five-week course during weeks 1 and 2.
See the Studio & Events Calendar for upcoming start dates.
Also note the special pay-as-you-go classes if you want to try out a class or bridge the time until a five-week course starts.
5) Walk-in or early registration (w/discount) $60 - Walk in (During week one or two of course only)
$50 - Register & pay 3 business days before start date (postmark/drop-off)
2nd Course discount: $35 early, $45 walk in (must overlap 1st course by 3 weeks)
6) Print Registration Form
If PDF doesn't work, use MAC

No printer? Write your name, phone number, email and class you want to register for on a paper, add payment, and mail to or drop-off at
Atlanta Belly Dance LLC, 1394 McLendon Ave NE, Atlanta GA 30307
7) Keep me posted on what is happening
Subscribe to our weekly newsletter.
Full privacy guaranteed.
The newsletter informs you about upcoming classes, shows, & events.
It is also used to notify you about class cancellations (snow days).
8) What should I bring, wear,... Now check out the frequent questions for information on what to wear, where to purchase supplies, and all the other common questions we frequently get.
9) How do I get to the studio? See directions for the locations.

Note for the first day: You will not get a confirmation that we received your payment. Instead, we contact you if there is a problem. You just sign in on the first day of class wearing loose workout clothes with socks or ballet slippers (available for purchase) if you have them. Barefoot is fine too.