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Why choose our
Belly Dance Studio?

The Nazeem Allayl Dance Studio is the only exclusively BELLY DANCE STUDIO in Atlanta. This means that we teach all belly dancing all the time here! This studio is owned by a professional belly dancer and all classes are taught by professional belly dancers.

When you walk into our studio, you feel like you are stepping into a different world, the beautiful world of Middle Eastern Dance! We have an all female environment, which provides our students a warm, welcoming, and creative place to learn.

Classes are technique driven, but taught through choreography. Students learn a new dance every six weeks and can take advantage of many opportunities to perform.

We are exclusively Belly Dance

  • Your teachers are "the real thing" - Full-Time Professional Belly Dancers!
  • We teach Belly Dance and only Belly Dance
    • This is not a "studio complex" - no country line dancing, tango, or waltz going on here.
    • There will be no one randomly watching your class from outside the door or windows.
    • There will be no country music playing in the background from a parallel class,
    • No tortuous looking fitness equipment,
    • And definitely no muscle bond guys checking themselves out in the mirror.
  • We have only female dance students
    • No men are allowed inside the studio during classes,
    • And no observers are allowed -- period
  • Warm and Welcoming DANCE environment
    • When you walk into the studio, you leave your cares and worries outside.
    • In our studio you put YOURSELF first! To us you are not a mommy, a boss, employee, or wife. You are a dancer!
    • Our studio looks and FEELS like a belly dance studio with beautiful colors, warm lighting, & sensual fabrics.
    • We also have wall-to-wall mirrors and sprung cork dance floors for safe dancing.

Classes are technique driven, but taught through choreography

  • We say that we create belly dancers here, because that is what we do.
  • We do not allow "walk ins," except during the first class of every six-week course. This eliminates the need to go over and over the same move for each new person, who walks in the door.
  • In our classes students make steady progress throughout a structured six-week dance course.
  • Instead of teaching random moves, we teach technique through choreographies, which makes it easier and more fun to practice at home.
  • Students learn a new dance every six weeks, which is great for goal oriented students and those who want to make fast progress.
  • You feel a real sense of accomplishment at the end of every six weeks, because you have accomplished something and learned a real, tangible dance from start to finish!
  • We teach whole choreographies, which allows you to actually perform, if you want to.
  • Students learn classic choreographies from some of the most famous choreographers in Middle Eastern Dance as well as new, cutting edge dances created by the members of Nazeem Allayl.
  • We currently have
  • We also offer a special technique class for students who want work exclusively on their technique,
  • And workshops taught by instructors from our affiliate studios from Gainesville, FL and Memphis, TN.

Our studio provides everything you need to practice at home and become a belly dancer

  • We provide detailed choreography notes for all of the beginners' level dances, which make it easier to practice at home.
  • We sell the music for every choreography, including a beginners' level CD, which has all of our beginners' level music on it.
  • We sell beginners' level choreography and performance videos, which assist you in practicing at home.
  • We don't send you out and about to find what you need. We sell ALL of the props and accessories you will need here at our studio, AND because we order them in bulk, we can offer many things at or below retail prices!
  • We even offer sewing classes for belly dancers, so that you can learn to sew your own costumes!

We provide lots of Performance Opportunities

  • All students have the opportunity to perform in a safe, comfortable, restaurant show environment.
  • For our more serious students, we have Nazeem Alsabah, our amateur performing dance troupe.
  • And of course our amazing professional dance company, Nazeem Allayl, whose members are full-time professional dancers performing at restaurants in and around Atlanta, at Middle Eastern cultural events, and at national dance conferences and seminars. They also teach YOUR classes!!!