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Sword Dance Seminar - Raks al Sayf
Techniques & Choreography Workshop

Sword Dance Seminar

We will be having a ONE DAY WORKSHOP with the fabulous and mega-talented Schadia, Director & Lead Choreographer of the Nazeem Allayl Dance Company.

The workshop will take place at the Peachtree Corners Studio on Saturday, June 8th, 1-4pm.

Summary of Workshop:

Schadia will be teaching basic and intermediate level sword dance technique, which we will tie together into a modern belly dance fusion choreography to a sexy Beats Antique song. Don't miss the chance to learn this brand new never before taught choreography w/ some of the coolest sword work ever!


When:Saturday, June 8th 2013
Where:Peachtree Corners Studio
5770 Peachtree Industrial Blvd #100
Norcross GA 30071
Price:$25 if registered by June 6th, $35 thereafter
$65 Moroccan Scimitar (only for workshop participants - regular price $75)
Class size:Limited to 20 students (first come, first served) & troupe members
Prerequisites:A proper *) sword is required for this workshop (for sale at the workshop)

Each participant must also know how to balance their sword on their heads while walking, while doing choli (pivot turns) and doing basic belly dance technique.

The sword workshop is not designed for absolute beginners. Being able to gain useful skills from this workshop will require some basic knowledge of belly dance technique. All participants from our studio must have:

  • Taken at least one technique course at the studio OR
  • Taken at least one choreography course
Before the workshop, each participant should be able to do basic stationary and traveling belly dance moves- examples- figure 8's, Mayas, hip drop kicks, chest isolations, camels to name a few.

*) You must use a balanced sword made especially for dance (like the ones sold at the studio). An ordinary sword is not made for dancing and will be impossible to balance.

Safety Note:

If you bring your own sword: We will only allow dull swords that are balanced for belly dancing. The tips of all swords will be taped to prevent injuries.

Getting Started:

  • To practice balancing your sword on your head, you may want to try first balancing a book or a half-filled, capped bottle of water. For most dancers, the balance point on their head is not towards the back or even in the middle (your crown area). Most dancers (including myself) balance their sword towards the front of their heads. You will know that your sword is well-balanced and you are ready to move on when it is no longer wobbling; but instead sits stationary in it's position securely. To do this of course, you will have to keep your head still and do not tilt your head from side to side or back to front. (To balance a sword, see hint below)
  • Do not attempt to move with your sword until it is well-balanced and situated.
  • To help against slipping of the sword, use Schadia's Sword-No-Slip (tm), a special natural wax against slippage.
  • To balance while belly dancing, you should move a lot slower than you normally do until you are comfortable and more proficient with sword technique.
  • When you first get your sword, it may be very slippery. You should wipe your sword thoroughly with a soft cloth. To also help with the sliding, once you find the balance point on your sword, you can sandpaper that area so that it is less-likely to slide around on your head while you're dancing. Some dancers even glue a small piece of sandpaper to the underside of their sword at the balance point. Other suggestions include rubbing the balance point with candles and using a bit of hair spray on your hair at the balance point.
  • Swords get easily unbalanced due to minute bending of the sword in transport, dropping it, etc. This can be corrected: Say it tips to side A. Place the sword on your belly on Side B, i.e. with the sword side A facing away from you. Gently “tuck” (i.e. inverse pad, not a sustained pull) both ends of the sword with your hands. Do not bend it, do not sustain force. Just a simple gentle tuck. See if that was enough, repeat if necessary.
  • Dropping, stepping on or damaging your sword in any other way will cause your sword to lose it's balance capabilities. You should lay your sword on a flat surface out of the way of heavy traffic or you can hang your sword securely (not putting nails/holes in the sword itself of course). If your sword comes with a sheath, use it when storing.
  • To periodically clean your sword, you can use brass cleaner/polish with a soft cloth.
Happy balancing and I look forward to seeing you at the workshop!


One-day-workshops are intense & require lots of energy and stamina. If you have any questions about your health or your ability to participate in such a workshop, please consult your physician & follow her/his advice. If you or your doctor feel that you would be physically unable to dance for 3 hours and/or would endanger your health by doing so, do not take this or any other workshop. We are dancing to have fun & learn and definitely not to put anyone's health or well-being in jeopardy!
As always, limited to Women only, age 16+.