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Title: Bellygram

Looking for a way to spice up a birthday, bridal shower,
wedding, corporate event, or party at your home?

60th birthday party


Have a belly dancer mesmerize
and entertain your guests.

Dancers available for hire:







Performance Bellygrams for

Teaching Bellygrams for

For more information or to book Schadia or one of her dancers
for an event, call Schadia at
Restaurant Owners: Do you want to have a belly dancer every week?

What is a "Bellygram?"

A "bellygram" is a 15-20 minute performance which includes a veil dance, belly dance and a drum solo dance. The last song of a bellygram set will usually be a modern Middle Eastern song that is easy to clap and dance to. During this song the belly dancer will get the guest of honor, if there is one, up to dance and show them a few moves & just have fun with them.

Performances can be customized to be done in most any venue and for most any occasion. All bellygrams are meant to be suitable and entertaining for ALL ages.

See also Mini Workshops

Birthday party at Basil's
Picture above: 40th Birthday party in an office

Having dancers entertain at parties is a centuries-old custom, an honored tradition in many parts of the world, and for the last quarter of a century, in America too. Belly dancers are hired to celebrate every kind of occasion, and it truly isn't a party unless you have a belly dancer! So, whatever kind of party you are planning, a belly dancer can help to liven things up and get the party started.

Caberet Style

Costume Choices

If you hire Schadia or one of her dancers, she will be dressed in an authentic, tasteful and exquisite costume from the Middle East.

Although most people prefer the cabaret style costumes, we also have many other less revealing costumes if the client wishes.

Persian Bandari

Bellygram at a Wedding Reception

The Right Dancer for Your Event

Schadia works very hard to meet the needs of each and every client, and since she employs not only herself but a number of other professional dancers, she is sure to be able to find the perfect style of dance and dancer for you and your event.

This highly entertaining art form is a great crowd pleaser and is always performed in perfectly good taste. Along with an exceptional display of Middle Eastern Dance, audience participation can also be part of the fun. A perfect show for any event!

Bellygrams are fun for the guest of honor (40th birthday)...

and also for the guests...

Do you want to surprise someone and give them a truly memorable gift? For both men and women, the gift of a beautiful dance from an equally beautiful belly dancer is definitely something special.

Hiring a belly dancer is the perfect gift for

  • Birthdays
  • Retirements
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduation parties
  • Holiday parties

Belly dancer at
an open house
  Belly dancers at weddings and bridal showers get the party started

Dancing in front of the groom and ushers

and/or for the whole wedding party

The bride surprised her husband, as she had been secretly taking some belly dance lessons

Each member of the Nazeem Allayl Dance Company is an accomplished dancer in her own right. We have all had extensive Middle Eastern dance training, as well as having diverse dance backgrounds.

All members of Nazeem Allayl dance in Atlanta as professional soloists. They are also all teachers and contributing choreographers within Schadia's dance studio.

More information about Nazem Allayl and its members.

What is your area of operation?

Schadia and her professional dancers come from various locations across northern Atlanta. We operate in and around the Atlanta area. Our prices depend on the driving distance from north-east Atlanta. Our normal area of operation is metro Atlanta (incl. Marietta, Alpharetta, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Stone Mountain). At a price, we have performed in Dahlonega, Peachtree city, and Augusta.

How much is a Bellygram or Special Event?

That depends on a number of factors such as driving distance, time of day and day of week, type of event, and lead time (Surcharge for Ramadan, Eid ul-Adha, Eid-ul-Fitr aka Id-al-Fitr, Divali, Christmas and New Year's Eve parties). For an exact quote, please contact Schadia at and provide the details of your event.

Do you dance at all male events?

Sorry, Schadia and/or her dancers do NOT dance at all male parties, especially not at Bachelor parties.

Special Event: All Female Event

Are you having an all-female gathering and evening of fun? Having a belly dancer would be the perfect compliment to such a party. Belly dance is a truly woman-centered art form and a beautiful way to express the beauty of being a woman and honor women. Belly dance is done in the Middle East by women for other women. At such parties, everyone dances from little children to their great-grandmothers! If you have an image of dancers dancing for sultans, oh how wrong you would be! :)

So, if you are looking for a way to incorporate something new, different, and fun into that bridal shower, pre-wedding party, baby shower, family gathering or women's group get-together hire a belly dancer as part of your "girls night" celebration!

Special Event: Wedding

Are you looking for entertainment for your upcoming Wedding or Engagement Party?

Did you know that having a belly dancer at an engagement party or wedding reception is considered to bring good luck and a future filled with healthy children to the couple? Belly dance originated as a way to worship fertility deities in the ancient cultures of the Middle East & those who performed belly dance were considered to bring special favor to the couple for whom they danced. This belief has survived and is felt to be true even today! Hey, it can't hurt right?!

Schadia and her husband touching a Bellydancer's belly
for good luck & fertility

Special Event: Mini Workshop

A mini workshop can be customized to your needs. We can hold the workshop at our studio or at your place. The typical length of a mini-workshop is one (1) hour, and involves a brief introduction to the field of belly dancing, warmup, and then teaches some basic belly dance moves and combinations. If you've ever seen the video to "hips don't lie" by Shakira and wondered how does she do that - this style of workshop is for you.

Belly dance workshops are great for a bridal shower or bachelorette party, Girls night out, a sweet-sixteen birthday party, Red Hat Club Society activities, ... - any group of "women only" that want to shake some hips. We can customize the types of moves being taught to suite every level of fitness.

Special Event: Company Party

Are you in charge of booking entertainment for your company or group's next function? Why not have an Egyptian or Turkish themed party and book a belly dancer to put on a fabulous show! With belly dancing coming into the American mainstream pop culture, it will be in style and very happening! And, we will surely help you to make it an event to remember!

A Middle Eastern themed party including a beautifully costumed dancer putting on a very authentic and tasteful show is a fantastic idea for
  • Business & Corporate Functions
  • Fundraisers
  • Banquets
  • Catering Facilities
  • Resort Parties

Amercian Cancer Society Fund Raiser

Special Event: "Show and Tell" Informative Event

If your group is looking for an entertaining and informative event for your next get-together, Schadia also does a longer program, which is a combination of education about the history, costuming & cultural backgrounds of Middle Eastern dancing, followed by a short performance of a choreography that will highlight the precise and complex technique that define Middle Eastern dance. Such a presentation would be for the purpose of spreading cultural awareness and understanding. Suitable for:

  • Art centers
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Arts-in-Education & Educational Programs for all ages
For more information or to book Schadia or one of her dancers for an event,
call Schadia at

Schadia and her dancers are also available to dance either as part of a one time event or on a regular basis at restaurants. If you would like more information about booking for this type of venue, please visit our Dancing at Restaurants Page.


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