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Title: Booking a Belly Dancer

One time vs. Ongoing Event
This page contains information about how to hire Schadia & her troupe for ongoing engagements such as dancing at a restaurant.

If you are interested in a one-time event,
please visit the the Bellygram page.

Are you a Restaurant Owner interested in hiring a Bellydancer?

If you own and operate a Mediterranean or Middle Eastern themed restaurant, having a belly dancer is a way to transport your guests to another place through music and dance. By having a belly dancer dance in your restaurant, you can truly satisfy all the senses of your guests. Not only will they experience the delicious smell and taste of your food and drink, but their enjoyment will be complete as they experience the sound of Middle Eastern music and the see the beauty of a belly dance.

Many non-Middle Eastern restaurants across American are also booking belly dancers for their restaurants as a way to attract new costumers & keep their existing clientele coming back again and again.

To get a quote for a belly dancer,
call Schadia at

Schadia at Bacar

With many American pop culture icons like Shakira and Brittany Spears belly dancing, everyone is talking about it. Now not only Middle Easterners, but also many Americans are interested in seeing a real belly dancer "live and in person." If you were thinking that Americans don't like or won't accept belly dancing in your restaurant, oh how wrong you would be! Belly dancing is now a part of the American mainstream and has become at once something exotic, cultural, interesting and delightful for Middle Easterners and Americans alike.

Here a few quotes from satisfied costumers who went to restaurants that already have belly dancers:
  • "I dined at ... a few months ago and loved every moment of the experience. Food, Atmosphere, Belly Dancer and Service transported us to ..."
  • "The five-course meal was outstanding, the atmosphere luscious and the live entertainment of belly dancers was illuminating."
  • "At least the Saturday night, that 20 of us went there, a couple of pretty Arabic Dancers kept our group entertained all night."
  • "And later on the weekends, you never know when the audience will start joining in with the belly dancing!"
    [Source:, search for Turkish, Moroccan & middle eastern restaurants]

Schadia at Cafe Istanbul

A belly dancer helps your restaurant to create an authentic feel, as well as a warm, friendly & entertaining atmosphere. And, as we know, atmosphere is what separates an 8 star restaurant from a 10 star one. Note that the restaurants from which the above quotes were taken, are all highly ranked by their customers (in no particular order, Nicolas,Salar, Casbah, Byblos, Persepolis, Istanbul Cafe, and the Imperial Fez) - and ALL of them have belly dancers!

Why should you hire the Dancers from Nazeem Allayl?

You have enough to worry about with running your restaurant and trying to schedule your kitchen and wait staff, why should also have to worry about scheduling your belly dancer(s) too?

When you engage Nazeem Allayl, we handle all of the scheduling & hiring of dancers for you. You never have to worry about a dancer getting sick, going on vacation or just not showing up.

This just doesn't happen with Nazeem Allayl, because we are a group of six professional dancers that all know the same dances, were professionally trained by Schadia in Restaurant style dancing, and thus can fill in for each other.

More information about
Nazem Allayl and its members.

And, with Nazeem Allayl, you never have to worry that your regular costumers will tire of seeing the same dancer every week, because you are hiring SIX beautiful, talented, professional dancers, who are always exquisitely costumed and who always conduct themselves in a friendly, courteous and professional manner.

Schadia is a professional dancer with years of restaurant experience in both the U.S. and Germany. She also runs the largest belly dance studio in Atlanta along with directing both amateur and professional troupes. She is a full-time dancer & works with members of her professional troupe, Nazeem Allayl, to provide professional, cultural and authentic belly dance entertainment to the Middle Eastern communities of Atlanta.

Each member of Nazeem Allayl is a professionally trained dancer. They have all worked in restaurants as well as at private parties, receptions, weddings and the like. Each dancer has dedicated many long hours to develop the skill and talent necessary to entertain your guests.

And, our dancers not only "dance the part" but also look and act the part of a belly dancer. They are always impeccably groomed from head to toe. They wear beautiful sequined costumes imported from Egypt and Turkey and take great care to maintain the image of a belly dancer for your costumers.

The clear benefit for your restaurant is that you are guaranteed a beautiful dancer every night you need one - with a single phone call to Schadia. Schadia and her dancers also promote your restaurant within her dance studio, through their websites and at events in and around Atlanta. We realize that our business depends on your business doing well. We always encourage people come to see us and eat at the restaurants where we dance.

To get a quote for a belly dancer, call Schadia at 404 638 6530.

Schadia at Lawrence's Cafe

Our current Engagements:

Nicola's Restaurant
Cafe Istanbul
Bombay Cafe

Schadia and Bahija

To get a quote for a belly dancer,
call Schadia at