Ragheb Lebanese Zill Dance

Ragheb FlagLebanon

Do you want to learn how to play the zills (a.k.a. finger cymbals) or improve your zill playing skills? Well, this is the dance to do it! Ragheb is a song by the sexy Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbe. It's is a mid-tempo song to which it is super fun to dance & play zills. Schadia choreographed a sassy zill dance that incorporates Ms Haifa's signature pouty style and playful nature. It also keeps the same zill pattern throughout, allowing you to learn that pattern and learn how to maintain the pattern while doing this fun & easy choreography. This dance is shown in the video below performed by the Nazeem Alsabah Dancers, but could be just as well be performed as a solo. To get a feel for the song & Haifa's style, check out her music video for Ragheb.

Level: Beginner (suitable for complete novices)

Props Required: Zills


Video of Ragheb Performance by Nazeem Alsabah Dancers and of the Music Video by Haifa Wahbe.

You will learn these moves:
Hand Circles
Hip Lift-Drops
Hip Circles
Traveling Hip Circles
Single-Sided Horizontal Hip Figure 8s
Reverse Vertical Hip Figure 8s
Stationary Camels
Reverse Stationary Camels
Traveling Hip Lifts
Chest Lift/Drop
Shoulder Rolls
Shoulder Shakes
Chest Lift/Drop
Several different Saidi Steps