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SchadiaModernHave you ever watched hip hop style popping and locking and noticed how similar many of the movements are to what we do in Belly Dance? Belly dance is thought to be the oldest dance form in the world, the eternal spring from which all other dances flow. It is only natural that more modern dance forms stem from the origins of dance itself. Popping and locking is no exception.

Join our Pop-Lock-and-Flow Course to learn the traditional & gorgeously feminine belly dance style of popping and locking. In addition to the traditional style, you will progress into the pop-lock-and-flow style of modern Tribal Fusion belly dancing. This style incorporates features from both hip hop & belly dance popping and locking along w/ flowing through the movements using smooth & elegant bellydance isolations. This gives the dancer the ability to showcase the power of hip hop with the grace, elegance, and femininity of belly dance. Oh yes, it's a hot style of fusion. Come to this class and learn how to pop-lock-and-flow.

Props Required: None

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