#GetFit Belly dance

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Love combining your cardio w/ dance, but feel like you’ve been there and done that w/ Zumba? Come to the next and coolest thing! #GetFit Bollywood, Tahitian & Belly Dance. No reservations required! Just drop in and join us.

Our #GetFit drop-in classes have an all-female, empowering environment that will have you dancing like an Egyptian to Shaabi music, shaking your shoulders to the Bombay beats, & swaying your hips to the Tahitian drums.
It doesn’t matter what fitness level you are or how much dance/exercise experience you have. We will ensure that you can step up and dance from day one. Our GetFit classes are fully adaptable to body type & existing ability, allowing you to have fun & burn more calories than you imagine.

#GetFit Belly Dance

Want to know if your hips don’t lie?! Come to our #GetFit Belly Dance classes, where you will be doing real raqs sharqi style dances, taught by real professional dancers. You will feel feminine & powerful while getting a kick-your-booty workout. Most dances are low impact, but believe us, belly dance works your whole body from your fingers down to your toes… including your arms, shoulders, abs, gluts and thighs.

Our GetFit Belly Dance classes are designed for all levels of students. Whether you’re a dance enthusiast or come to us with zero previous experience, we’ll have you loving every minute of our classes. Our goal is to get you moving, sweating & glowing with confidence.

During this belly dance based fitness class, we will have you maintaining the correct core & thigh strengthening belly dance posture while doing dances that focus on isolating the upper, middle and lower abdominal muscles. We also do lots of shimmies, flutters & fabulous snakey hip & torso moves.

Our instructors will drill basic movements in the first 10-12 minutes of class. Then we turn down the lights, put on the disco ball & dance the rest of the hour away. Doing easy to follow dances, which create a fun dance/fitness class that will have your heart beating while your abs and thighs are begging for mercy! The awesome thing is that you’ll be so busy bringing sass that you’ll forget you are working out.


Cost:Only $15 per class or buy a punchcard & get the cost down to $8.99 per class. And, yes these classes are included in our all-inclusive monthly membership.

Save with Discounted Punch-cards are available: $69.99 (5 sessions - $12.99/class) and $99.99 (10 sessions - $9.99/class)

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What’s the difference between a 5 Week Course & a GetFit Class?

In a 5 week course instructors will teach you how to dance, give you feedback and help you become a better dancer. In the 5 week courses you are a student of the dance, who learns something new each week and is able to build upon the lessons you learned in the previous weeks. There is also a lot more repetition of technique & the movements.
In a GetFit class the instructor leads you through a dance based fitness class. The focus is on having fun & sweating. Since we rarely turn off the music, you won’t receive a lot of verbal feedback.

In a nutshell: If you want to learn *how to dance*, take the 5 week courses. If you want to *have fun and sweat*, take the GetFit classes. Want both? Do both!