Belly Dance Classes

We teach over 30 belly dance classes each week, some drop-in, but most are 5-week courses with start and end dates.

BellyDanceStudentsDancingMultiple Locations: We offer classes at four locations in Metro Atlanta: Little 5 Points, North Buckhead/Brookhaven, and East Cobb/Marietta.

You can also rent our studios for private parties or your own classes.

Drop-in Classes (Cost)

  • ShimmyFIT are belly dance workout classes in a follow-the-leader format.
  • Basic Belly Dance Technique teaches elementary belly dance moves to those students who can not commit to a 5-week course.

Drop-in a Combination or specially marked Technique Class ($15 per hour)

5-Week Courses (5x weekly sessions. Cost)

1) Types of Courses

  • Choreography Courses are the most popular and common type of courses that we offer. In weeks 1,2,3 we teach you the moves/technique that this particular dance uses, and in weeks 4+5 we teach you the choreography to one particular piece of music that uses the moves you learned. There are many different songs that we dance to, and some dances introduce you to props such as veil, zills, sword, etc.

  • Basic Belly Dance Technique Courses teach all the moves that belly dancers use, but in isolation. This means you learn no choreography/dance, just moves. They are very helpful if you want to perfect your technique or if you want to take more than one course at the same time, but not learn two dances concurrently.
    There are four Technique I 5-week courses that cover all the beginner level moves we use: Hypnotic Hips, Sumptuous Shimmies, Alluring Upper Body, and the higher level Traveling Moves. You can take the three basic technique courses in any sequence.

  • Combination Courses are a hybrid. They are typically themed, i.e. Totally Turkish, Lovely Lebanese, etc. Each week we teach you first some moves, and then some combinations that combine the technique you learned (often pieces from full choreographies).

2) Level of Courses

  • Beginner level (Level 1): Most courses are at the beginner level. You stay at this level for about a year learning different choreographies, take one or more technique courses, and start to learn to dance with some of the props that we use (Veil, Zills, Sword, Fire, Fanveil, Cane).
    Belly dance is a huge field - we have folk dances, classical dances, cabaret style dances, dances styles based on country of origin (Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon to name a few), plus a whole range of modern (fusion) dances to western music, and modern styles of belly dance such as tribal fusion or gothic/industrial.

  • Mixed level: This course will teach a beginner level version of the dance, with variations (often in form of layers) being taught to more advanced dancers.

  • Intermediate/Advanced level (Level 2 or higher): Not for beginners. Level 2 and higher classes require that you are certified for the previous level. Dances at this level are typically longer and will not teach basic technique. Please talk to your instructor or call 404 638 6530 to see if you are ready for this level.