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Prerequisite: NONE. We are looking for students who want to perform more. If you have been in a studio show in a student group, or have some other form of performance experience with us, that's great. If you have not performed with us yet, no problem. Our troupes are in demand, and we get invited to perform at many functions in addition to our regular studio show. We entertain at fundraisers for women related causes, perform at charity events, retirement homes, hospitals, street and park festivals, and even as part of reality TV shows.

Questions? Call us at (404) 638-6530.

At this information meeting, we'll explain who we are and what we do, answer questions, and schedule the activities for the auditions. The actual auditons are just 30-45min long and some time in February (for Fall/Winter) and June (for Spring/Summer); however, you will be going through a 2-3 month apprenticeship period beforehand to see what its like to be a Nazeem Alsabah Dancer.


Nazeem Allayl Studio Dancers 2015

Do You Want More from Your Belly Dance Experience?
Ever thought about joining our student troupe Nazeem Alsabah?

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for beginner level and intermediate level Nazeem Allayl Studio Students.
Yes, Beginners! :-) We are definitely not looking for a "finished product" dancer and actually tend to recruit beginners, because we have a very distinct style and want troupe members who are able to easily adapt & develop their dance into that style. We are looking for fabulous Works-in-Progress!

L: Atlanta Streets Alive'12 C: GA Aquarium '10 R: The Opera '09

Who is Nazeem Alsabah and why should YOU want to be a troupe member?

Nazeem Alsabah is a fabulous and very talented group of women, who have formed a sisterhood within our studio. Troupe members come from all over the U.S. and as far away as Japan. We are from diverse backgrounds, but all share a deep love for and commitment to belly dance, our studios, performing, and educating the public about belly dance. Being in Nazeem Alsabah gives dancers an opportunity to seriously challenge themselves and develop their talent and performance skills in a way that would not be possible with any other group or anywhere else. It is also a wonderful way to bond with other dancers, make friends, and have a lot of fun while doing something you love.

What do YOU get out of being in Nazeem Alsabah?

  • You get to surround yourself with serious dancers and be a part of a very prestigious group.
  • be a member of an actual troupe with all the joys that go along with that.
  • perform A LOT and represent the dance and the studios that you love.
  • surround yourself with all things belly dance and learn more about every aspect of belly dance - the culture, the music, the mystique, where it's been and where it is going.
  • develop your talent, get more individual critique and hone your performance skills.
  • wear very fabulous costumes and be adored by thousands of people!

L: Haflanta'12 C: Egyptian Nights '04 R: Red Light Cafe '03

What’s involved in being a member of Nazeem Alsabah?

A lot of your experience depends on what you want and your level of commitment to dance and to the troupe. Generally speaking, all of the troupes rehearse on Sundays. At the moment Alsabah meets from 11am-1pm. Troupe activities take place at two studios (L5P and Brk). In preparation for larger events, like the Studio Shows, troupe members will have more intense rehearsal schedules, which might include meeting during the week and after classes. Nazeem Alsabah members are also required to take weekly classes with Schadia, the director. More details will be given at the information meeting.

L: Dogwood Festival '08 C: Arabian Nights'06 R: Egyptian Nights '05

What do YOU need to do in order to enter the Audition Process?

  1. Fill Out an Application (required)
    Please submit an application to audition for Nazeem Alsabah. The forms are available at the studios as well as online. Please ask your instructor how to get one and how to submit it. You are also welcome to e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Show You Want to be a Student of the Nazeem Allayl Studios & Perform 
    * All auditioners must currently be attending classes at one of the Nazeem Allayl Studios or have taken classes within the last 4 months.
    * All auditioners must have or will participate in at least one of our Studio Shows & perform at one or our Haflas (Dance Party). You are welcome to perform a solo and/or as part of group dance w/ other students.
  3. Come to the Nazeem Alsabah Information Meeting (optional, but highly recommended)
    We’ll have an Informational Meeting shortly after the Studio Show. During this meeting Schadia will answer any questions that you have. While we are all together, we will also discuss and schedule the activities of the Audition process as well as the actual auditions. We will try to accommodate everyone’s schedule as best as we can, so bring your calender.


Ask Schadia! You can message her on Facebook (Schadia Nazeem Allayl) or e-mail her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Future Events

Sun May 13 @ 2:00PM
Mother-Daughter Day Celebration Workshop
Mon May 28 @ 8:00PM
Memorial Day - Studios Closed
Sat Jun 02 @ 1:30PM @ Brk
All Abs Drum Workshop (see Level 1 test)
Sun Jun 03 @ 1:30PM @ Brk
Desert Dream Workshop (Level 1)
Sun Jun 10 @ 1:30PM @ Brk
Level 1 Review - preparation for Level 1 Certification Test
Sun Jun 17 @ 1:30PM
Level 1 Certification Test

Details about the Level Certification Program

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