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Certification exams are offered in Early Summer (around June) and Early Winter (Before Christmas). For lower levels, a practice test is scheduled about a month before. For each level, you are typically tested on certain technique and two choreographies. These are specified on the respective page and taught in the preceeding months. At the test, you will perform/demonstrate your skills in small groups. You will receive a score card with comments, and if you pass all parts, the certification.

Why do we offer a certification program?

In a regular group class, you share the feedback from the instructor with your peers. While your teacher can correct individual moves on a case-by-case basis, there is often not enough time to formally evaluate each student’s mastery of each technique. In fact, many students are doing this just for fun and aren't interested in detailed feedback. Our certification program is for those students who strive for perfection and want to know if they are doing it right.

The Nazeem Allayl Studios Belly Dance certification program gives our students a clear path to progress, coupled with objective measurements of how much progress they have achieved. Each step of the certification program clearly identifies the objectives. We help each student achieve her goals & obtain the skills tested through level specific course work, workshops, and private one-on-one instruction

9) Raise to the Challenge
If you are motivated by challenges, then our level certification program is perfect for you. Each level has clearly defined goals that you can achieve.



Where does the Nazeem Allayl Studios Belly Dance Style originate?

Middle Eastern dance is a thousands of years old dance form with many contributing cultures. The result is that even within a culture, there are different ways to perform belly dance technique. Consequently, over the thousands of years of its history, many techniques and styles of belly dance have evolved, with contributions from each generation of teacher-student. The Nazeem Allayl style of belly dance traces its roots to one of the most famous choreographers, Ibrahim Farrah. Our director and founder of the Nazeem Allayl studios, Schadia (Atlanta, GA), studied as a member of the Pyramid Dance Company under the director Sadiia (Memphis, TN). Sadiia in turn studied under Ibrahim Farrah in New York City.

Schadia 0078

Ibrahim FarrahIbrahim Farrah, a performer of Middle Eastern dance and the publisher of Arabesque (since 1977), a magazine devoted to ethnic dance, died in New York City on February 7, 1998. Pennsylvania-born and of Lebanese descent, Farrah learned to perform Middle Eastern dance at family parties.

After graduation from Pennsylvania State University, he performed in Washington, D.C. He then taught at his own and other schools in New York City. In the early 1970s, with a grant from Doris Duke, a dance enthusiast, he formed the Ibrahim Farrah Near East Dance Group, which performed in New York City and around the United States. Farrah's choreography was inspired by traditional Syrian, Lebanese, and Egyptian dances.


Overview of the levels

As we are just starting this program, there are more details on the first levels available, but you can already get a good idea on what the higher levels are about. We'll complete the details for levels 5+ soon.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Prop: None
Chor: All Abs & Desert Dream (aka Amir Beledi)
Prop: Sword for Isolation
Chor: Ra Ahsa + Oriental Sword Dance (L2)
Prop: Veil for Traveling
Chor: Leilet Hob + TBA

L1 Technique

Horizontal Hip Work

  • Hip Slides
  • Horizontal Forward-Back
    Hip movement.
  • Hip Twists
  • Hip Circles
  • Horizontal Figure 8s
    & Reverse Horizontal Figure 8s

 Vertical Hip Movements

  • Hip Lift Drops
  • Hip Shimmies
  • Hip Drops in BDS
  • Hip Drop Kicks
  • Pelvic Lift-Drops, Pelvic
    Thrusts & Pelvic Drops

Combining Vertical & Horizontal Hip Movements

  • Omis: Combining Hip
    Slides & Pelvic Lift-Drops       

Upper Body

  • Chest Lift/Drop            
  • Chest Slides (side to side)
  • Chest Slides (front to back)
  • Stationary Camels & Reverse Stationary Camels

L2 Technique

Upper Body and Hips

  • Mayas: Combining Hip Slides
    & Hip Lift-Drops
  • Reverse Vertical Figure 8s:
    Hip Slides & Hip Lift-Drops
  • Head Slide                    
  • Hand Circles                 
  • Snake Arms                  
  • Shoulder Shakes
  • Shoulder Shimmy
  • Shoulder Shakes +
    Shoulder Lift Drops
    = Shoulder Rolls                  
  • Chest Circles                 

Hip Isolations & Shimmies 

  • Vertical Hip Lift & drops
  • Hip Shimmy                     
  • TicToc 
  • Hip Twist Shimmy                                   
  • Pelvic Lift Drop
  • Pelvic Shimmy
  • Choo Choo Shimmy    
  • Knee Shimmy      

L3 Technique

Traveling Technique

  • American Fantasy Posture
  • Walking w/ American Fantasy Posture
  • Grapevines in American Fantasy Posture
  • Arabesques in American Fantasy Posture
  • Hip Twists
  • Level Changing Hip Twists
  • Step-Step-Steps with look backs
  • Step & Touches
  • Hagallahs
  • Traveling w/ Hip circles
  • Traveling w/ Mayas & RVF8
  • Stationary Camels
  • Camel Walks
  • Standard Camels
  • Hi-Low Camels
  • Camel Step-Step-Steps


Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7
Prop: Zills
Technique: Layering
Prop: Choice (Cane, Wings, or Fanveil)
Technique: Taksim/Freestyle
Prop: Candles
Technique: Stage Use
Prop: Candles
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