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Nazeem Allayl in the News

Nazeem Allayl as seen on TV:

Schadia on Comcast's What to do around Atlanta (@ Little 5 Points Studio)
Nazeem Allayl Studio featured on CW69 The A-List:

Bravo TV
The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Video) belly dancing at the Nazeem Allayl Little 5 Points Studio
(see picture on right)

Article about the Nazeem Allayl Studio on NPR:
"This is Atlanta" (3min streaming Video at bottom of article)
Interview with Nazeem Allayl Member, clips from studio show and from students taking lessons in the studio.

Interview with Nazeem Allayl Student on Fox5:
Belly dance for workout (40sec, 3Mb, Windows Media File).
Short interview, students shown working out in studio.

Nazeem Allayl on Fox5 Good Day Atlanta
(Feb 2, '06, 7.34min, 1.8 Mb, Windows Media File)
Interview with Schadia, Performance by 4 Nazeem Allayl Members (Schadia, Aya, Samora, and Jenna), and short lesson for the staff of Good Day Atlanta.

Nazeem Allayl Studio Shows on YouTube:

We produce many shows featuring our teachers, troupe members, and student groups. We posted a collection of video-clips from recent studio shows on YouTube for your enjoyment.

Nazeem Allayl in print: Global Grooves belly dance class is an exotic way to burn calories September 18th, 2010

UPSCALE Magazine Tummy Tuck - belly dancing for the shapely stomach. Great 2pg article w/pics of Schadia and Nazeem Alsabah members.
Upscale magazine June/July 2009 issue, pg. 32/33

Points North magazine Article about Middle Eastern Restaurants in Atlanta. The Nazeem Allayl studio is recommended as the studio for belly dance classes. Thank you very much.
June 2009 issue, pg. 34ff

Project Get Fine Newsletter featuring Nazeem Allayl Studio 5-23-2007

Smooth moves: Short article about the belly dance superstars, which mentions and links to the Nazeem Allayl studio (October 27, 2007)

"From flab to fab: belly dance your way to fitness" (Ebony, August, 2007 by Lynette R. Holloway) Great article about the weight loss benefits of belly dance, which lists and links to the Nazeem Allayl studio as the place for belly dance in Atlanta.