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Belly Dance Costumes

Indian Cholis
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$125 Turkish Beginner Costumes

While these costumes are called beginner costumes and accordingly priced, they are hand-selected by us from our suppliers for their outstanding value in terms of beauty and craftmanship. These are not your plain off-the-shelf two piece costumes. Most of our costumes come with matching head bands and arm bands, lots of long fringe, and very detailed patterns. We don't buy costumes that we would not wear ourselves.

The problem that most belly dancers have with turkish costumes (see article below) arise from the fact that they usually come as a set with an (unusable) chiffan veil and skimpy, poorly made see-through skirts. We'd rather have you spent your money on a nice silk veil and a decent matching skirt, so our turkish sets just come with the bra and belt, and most with headband and armbands.

The following are a sample of the ones that we have in stock. We usually carry black, gold, silver, green, blue, violet, and red costumes, in various styles.


Long fringe, dark-gold or amber in color. Beautiful detail in bra and belt as shown. Comes with matching headband and armband (not shown). Skirt not included.


This is an eye-catcher. Pictures can hardly show the effect, but you can see how the light reflections give an awesome holographic effect. Basic color is silver, but to better judge it, just look at the reflections of a CD or DVD - that kind of silver with holographic effect.
Massive long fringe, silver holographic color. Intricate detail in bra and belt as shown. Comes with matching headband and armband (not shown). Skirt not included.


Long fringe, gold in color. Beautiful detail in bra and belt as shown. Comes with matching headband and armband (not shown). Skirt not included.

Beginner costumes in our student shows:

6 piece Turkish Costume starting at $90

Various colors and patters,
black-gold shown
(belt shown backside front)

Comes with Belt, bra,
headband, 2 armbands,
and a neclace type band.

Detail Belt

Detail Bra

Detail Head

2 piece Turkish Costume starting at $70

Various colors and patters,
black-silver shown

Since the top ties in the back, and the belt in the front,
this costume is ready to go as is, no alterations needed.

Detail Bra

Detail Belt Front

Detail Bra

Beledi Dress, various sizes and prices

We carry various beledi dresses in different colors and sizes.

Nazeem Alsabah in Beledi Dresses at Studio Show

Nazeem Allayl in Beledi Dresses at Studio Show

Indian Choli Sets starting at $68

Various colors and patters, blue-red shown
Detail View

Jenna performing Bollywood style dance "Chaiya"

Simple Combinations

This is a simple combination using a tiger-striped top ($35), hip scarf ($30), and a black skirt ($35).
The advantage of such an outfit is that it usually requires no alterations, as both the scarf and the top simply tie in the back, so one size fits most. Perfect for troupe costumes, or for the sewing challenged.

Shown in tiger, available in leopard stripes, too.

Material: Velvet w/ gold coins (top & sash), chiffon skirt

Egyptian vs Turkish Costumes

(Source: bellydanceny. com/travel_costumes.html)
Egyptian costumes are the ultimate in glitz and glitter and retro glamour--Las Vegas, Liberace, the Old Elvis and Rita Hayworth all in one. They are showy as all get-out. and everything great about them can be seen from quite a distance. They are very visible from a stage and enhance and display all a dancer's movements quite wonderfully.. And Egyptian costumes are constructed like Egyptian monuments: they are built for the ages. Both the bras and the belts are made of heavily stiffened heavyweight buckram covered with fabric which in turn is covered with sequins, beads, stones, sequined and beaded and sometimes fringed appliques and finally, beaded fringe. Egyptian costumes stand up under pressure, perspiration, and hard use. They even stand up by themselves.The same can be said of gowns, skirts, veils and any other professional-grade accessories from Egypt.

Along with all this extreme glitz and sturdiness in Egyptian costumes comes difficulty in altering them and a rather high discomfort rating. They weigh a lot, don't give or bend with the body and tend to scratch their wearers.

Getting a good fit in ready-to-wear Egyptian costumes can be a problem. The basic bra cup is available in only a few styles and three sizes. Either it fits or forget it. And the story is pretty much the same for Egyptian belts. They are usually constructed in one piece with a side fastening. If the ornamentation is in a symetrcial pattern the belt needs to be cut up and reconstructed to alter it.

However, once you have gone all the way to Egypt you don't have to rely on ready-to-wear. If you know a little bit about getting around and where to go you can have a custom-made costume or tailored alterations done just for you.

If we think of Egyptian costumes as Earth, then Turkish costumes are Air: light, shimmering, changeable, supple. Construction is minimal. Both bras and belts are often made with wired frames under soft fabric. This allows the costumers to make interesting shapes along the edges of both bra and belt. Sculptural effects are also featured in the sequin and bead work on the body of the costumes. Three dimensional designs are achieved by sewing rows of sequins with bead spacers in floral or butterfly or star patterns. Intricate overlays of sequins are used to achieve subtle iridescence. Delicate fringes in different lengths and bead colors and sizes complete these confections. If Bottecelli's Venus had been a bellydancer she would have come out of the sea wearing a Turkish costume.

And compared with the Egyptian product, Turkish costumes are comfortable to wear and easy to alter. Also, Turkish costumes often come with sets of sweet little sequined accessories such as hand pieces, necklets, headbands and even foot coverings.

However all this loveliness is plagued by one very big problem. These costumes are fragile as butterflies and as ephermeral as clouds. Even given that most of the Turkish costume makers have ceased using thin, easily broken thread, if you dance hard or often you may be doing constant maintainence. Also, be warned: the skirts and veils that come with most Turkish costumes are often worse than useless--skimpy, uninteresting, overly revealing, etc.You will probably have to spend some more money when you get home for something real to go with your Turkish bra, belt and accessories.

For a Turkish costume to achieve its full impact the dancer needs to be very close to the audience. The subtle effects of sculpted beadwork and overlays get lost across a room. In fact, these costumes are often most impressive just lying on a table or hanging on a wall like the works of art they are.

Caring for your Costume

The following quotes give you some ideas about caring for costumes.
(Source : touregypt. net/featurestories/bellydancingcostumes.htm)

  • "I make sure not to put my costumes away in the closet right after a show because the sweat on the costume needs to air out. I heard putting the costumes in a steamed room helps to clean them or uses the steam from a steam iron. I wash chiffon veils and some chiffon skirts in Woolite. Many dancers I know put their bras and belts in plastic bags to take care of them, so they last longer and don't fall apart while they are traveling to do shows." Daleela
  • "To keep my costumes in good shape, I always lay them out after I wear them, and let them air out for a few days. Then when I put them away, I store them in a pillowcase, because it is breathable." Vicki
  • "After a performance I take my costumes home and inspect them for any damage. I make sewing repairs or bead replacements if needed immediately." Erica
  • "Each time I wear a costume, I check it over before I hang it back up. I look for snags, missing beads/paillettes/sequins, etc. I fix anything before it has a chance to get worse (like fixing a lost bead before it turns into 20 lost beads). I spot clean any dirty spots with a washcloth and cold water; if soap is needed, I use a little bit of Woolite. Also, another way to keep costumes from falling apart is not to sit around in them. I try not to sit around in mine (at a dinner or in the car); that crushes the beads. Traci
  • "Each costume has its own plastic large container, every so often I hang them up on a hanger and allow air flow, After wearing a costume, after a performance if the weather permits, hang them outside at night to allow fresh air to freshen, if in the winter just hang indoors. I do not always allow others to wear my best costumes, unless I know that person keeps a clean body." Unknown