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$35 Brass Candle Holder (set of 2)

4" diameter (1/2" more for thumb),
3" height, for 3/4" candle diameter.
Felt attached at bottom - perfect for trays to prevent slipping (or to protect your furniture, as you can use them in the house as well).

Due to the inherit danger of working with open fire, we do not use actual candles for our classes, so if you're a student taking the pharonic candle dance, you won't need these for class. We do, however, carry candle holders for sale to be used at your own risk. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself about fire dances, practice with water-filled cups, and always have a means to extinguish fire when practicing or performing with lit fire.

"Serena was known as the dancer with candles. Years ago I thought she picked up the dance in the Greek night clubs she performed in. Yet, recently I asked Rip (her husband) how Serena came to dance with candles. He told me that when they were young they saw a Filipino dancer perform with candles in his hands and balance them on his feet. Rip said to Serena "why don't you try that?" Hence, she became famous for her beautiful candle dance where she would flutter them on her belly. Moreover, I am a Greek folk dancer (and belly dancer) and know that candle dancing is native to Metalini Greece (bordering on Asia Minor--Turkey). This dance is a traditional folk dance performed with candles in ones hands to a Sirto rhythm. The name of the dance means "fire" in Greek. Steps are simple consisting of a step-back crossing step in a triplet pattern.
Moreover, the dancer will turn with this step. Candles are held and spiraled in a circular manner. Also they are brought into the dancer's chest and out to the audience. Sometimes the dancer twists the candles in a figure eight over the head and down to the body (in the same way American belly dancers do!!)."
(Zahraa, pinkgypsy. com article)
  We don't use candles (they don't stay lit). Instead, cotton balls or cut-to-size feminine hygine products are soaked in parrafin wax / candle oil.
She'nez performing Pharonic Candle Dance