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Zills - Finger Cymbals

Best Turkish belly dance spoons

New: Turkish Spoons

Plastic spoons (set of 4) painted to look like wood - plastic because it doesn't break like wood and plays louder than wood, too. Not to mention, they're much cheaper. For the "Kasik Oyunu" or spoon dance.


Each zill set includes four (4) zills, 2 for each hand.

Beginner Zills

Smooth toned brass zills. Pre elasticized for easy wearing (elastic can be replaced or adjusted if desired). 2" diameter


$22 Turquoise International Zills

You've always loved the sound of genuine Turquois zills. You've loved the way they feel on your hands. Centuries of skill and fine craftsmanship have brought to your dance the sensuous bell-like tones of Turquois finger cymbals. We've never compromised on the fine quality bell-brass that goes into each Turquois zill. And we haven't compromised on design! You'll treasure these beautiful zills for many years to come! 2 ¼" diameter

$24 Saroyan Turkish Delight (Brass)

This light weight reproduction of authentic Turkish finger cymbals are also recommended for beginners through intermediate level dancers. Produce a high pitch, crystal bell-like tone. 2-1/16" diameter. Approximate weight 100 grams (3.5 oz.)
Sound sample (wma):

Saroyan Arabesque
$26 Brass (shown), $37 German Silver

The Arabesque is a heavier gauge cymbal with a medium tone and depicts an Arabesque Design from a frieze of the palace of Sultan Hasan of the 14th century. Recommended for intermediate and advanced level dancers. 2-1/16" diameter. Approximate weight 130 grams (4.6 oz.)
Sound sample (wma): Brass: Silver:

Saroyan contemporary cymbals (Brass)
$29 (light) $32 (heavy)

A more complex design than the Modern. Produces a pleasing low tonal range designed for the sensitive ear. Available in light or heavy gauges.
Light gauge cymbals (low tone range) are designed for both student and intermediate dancers for greater dexterity and less fatigue. Heavy gauge cymbals (higher tone range) are recommended for professional use in night clubs, where a higher tone is necessary due to acoustical factors involved in various performance conditions.
2-3/16" diameter. Light gauge 110 grams, heavy gauge 140 grams.
Sound sample (wma): Light: Heavy:

$5 Zill Bags

We carry various types of beautiful zill bags. Sizes approximately 4" height by 3" width.


Note: Beginner zills come already with elastic attached.

Instructions for inserting and fitting elastic in finger cymbals:
Finger Cymbals are four brass discs which are played two on each hand, one on the middle finger and one on the thumb.

  1. Insert end of elastic in slit starting on the inside.
  2. Turn cymbal over and pull the elastic until it is taut. Elastic should be snug but comfortable.
  3. Leave enough elastic to be able to tie a double knot on the inside.
  4. Cut excess elastic away from the knot.
  • It is a good idea to insert large and medium size markers or pens in the elastic loops instead of your fingers when measuring the elastic. This will free your hands to adjust and knot the elastic. Or use the help of a second person.
  • Since the elastic loops will be two different sizes (thumb vs middle finger), dot the middle finger cymbals with red nail polish on the inside for easy identification.


To prevent discoloration, occasionally polish with Turtle Wax© or Brasso© Metal Polish and hand buff with a soft cloth. For maximum tone clarity, we recommend fitting the elastics over the thumb and middle finger, sewing the ends firmly and trimming off the excess. This prevents muting the sound of your cymbals.


The hypnotic, compelling custom of movements to rhythm is as ancient as mankind itself. Percussion devices, the conveyors of rhythm, were the first instruments created; integral parts of the rites of celebration, mourning and religion.

With the advent of the Bronze Age, the musical quality of metals naturally became an important tonal addition to the existing instrumentality. Derived from the Greek word "Kymbala", cymbals were the most beautiful and versatile of these rhythm accessories.

The use of cymbals actually affixed to the thumbs and middle fingers of dancers' hands was recorded as early as 500 A.D. Today, Finger Cymbals (Arabic: "Sagat" or "Sunouj;" Turkish: "Zills"; Persian: "Zang") are popularly played by dancers on both the cabaret and the concert stage. The intricate musical patterns they create and their sparkling sound quality make the cymbals indispensable to Middle Eastern music.