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Ever thought about joining our Student Troupe Nazeem Alsabah?

As we promote from within, every of our amateur and professional dancers and teachers starts by joining our amateur troupe Nazeem Alsabah. We recruit twice a year after our show, and I hope you are interested in checking us out. We have an audition process that allows us to get to know each other, and the first signup and information meeting is typically scheduled a week or two after our Spring and Fall studio show. If you cannot make this meeting, please call us at (404) 638-6530 so we can make alternative arrangements.


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for beginner level and intermediate level Nazeem Allayl Studio Students. Yes, Beginners! :-) We are definitely not looking for a "finished product" dancer & actually tend to recruit beginners, because we have a very distinct style and want troupe members who are able to easily adapt & develop their dance into that style. We are looking for fabulous Works-in-Progress, who want to dance, dance, dance!

Who is Nazeem Alsabah & why should I want to be a troupe member?  

Nazeem Alsabah is a fabulous & very talented group of women, who make up one of the best Middle Eastern Dance Troupes in the U.S. -- amateur or professional. The members are from diverse backgrounds & all share a deep love for and commitment to belly dance, our studio, and performing.
Being in Nazeem Alsabah gives dancers an opportunity to seriously challenge themselves and develop their talent and performance skills. It is also a wonderful way to bond with other dancers, make friends, and have a lot of fun while doing something you love. Some of us go to workshops together, travel together – from a NKOTB cruise to a trip to Egypt, and every year in the summer we go for a weekend dance retreat into the Georgia Mountains.

Our troupe is in demand, so we get a lot of performance opportunities that others can only dream about. We get to perform at events such as Atlanta Streets Alive, Halloween Parades, Day of Dance for Health, GA Renaissance Festival; at Cultural Festivals such as Divali, Eid, New Years from very diverse groups such as Egypt, Lebanon, Japan, China, India, Bangladesh, or Pakistan; we even get to participate in TV shows such as the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Braxton Family Values, Get Swanked, What to do in Atlanta, or Love and Hip Hop.

What do YOU get out of being in Nazeem Alsabah?

  • surround yourself with serious dancers & be a part of a very prestigious group.
  • be a member of an actual troupe w/ all the joys that go along with that.
  • perform A LOT and represent the dance and the studios that you love.
  • surround yourself with all things belly dance & learn more about every aspect of belly dance – the culture, the music, the mystique, where it's been and where it is going.
  • develop your talent, get more individual critique and be able to hone your performance skills in a way that would not be possible with any other group or anywhere else.
  • Wear very fabulous costumes and be adored by thousands of people!
  • You get to be very fabulous. Hello! Have you seen us? What more do you need?

Our typical Workload

We typically practice Sundays 11am-1pm ish, and troupe activities take place at Little 5 Points or at Brookhaven. Before events, we sometimes practice during the week after class, so 9pm+ to 10pm+. We take weekly classes in addition to the troupe practices. More details at the information meeting.

First meeting

See the website calender and newsletter for the exact date of our first meeting. At that point, we’ll discuss and schedule the Audition process - a series of activities that allow us to get to know each other, and the actual audition (TBD).

Interested in joining us?

Talk to your teacher and let them know. We hold auditions at least twice a year, in Spring and in Fall.


Community Support

The Nazeem Allayl Studios are an active and supporting participant in the Atlanta Community: Troupe members of Nazeem Allayl and/or Nazeem Alsabah performed at: 


  • October  Kairo Karaoke Dance Party at Cafe Istanbul, Decatur
  • September 2017 Studio Show at Cafe Istanbul
  • August 2017 Level Certification Tests
  • July 2017 Dance Retreat in GA Mountains
  • June 2017 Kairo Karaoke Dance Party at Cafe Istanbul, Kennesaw
  • April 2017 Performance at fundraiser for Cummins Library
  • April 2017 Inman Park Parade
  • March 2017 Performance at fundraiser for Rotary Club Alpharetta
  • March 2017 Performance at annual meeting of Atlanta Cambodian Society
  • Dec 2016 Performance at annual festival for Atlanta Bangladesh Society
  • Oct 2016 Performance at festival of Metro Atlanta Urban Farm
  • Oct 2016 L5P Halloween Parade
  • Sept. 2016 Performance at fundraiser for Roswell Rowing Club
  • July 2016 Fieldtrip of Troupe to Georgia Mountains
  • June 2016 Performances at 2 Retirement Homes and a Children Daycare
  • May 2016 ShimmyMob fundraiser for Animal Shelter
  • April 2016 Inman Park Parade
  • March 2016 Workshop at Galloway School
  • February 2016: Workshop for Girl Scouts of Atlanta
  • October 2015: 
    - Halloween Parades in Decatur and Little 5 Points, Atlanta
    - Performance at Sanders Elementary School
  • September 2015: Agnes Scott College International Day
  • May 2015: Mother-Daughter Day at the Nazeem Allayl Studios
  • March 2015: Schadia performs and teaches at the Galloway School, Atlanta
  • November 2014: Schadia performs at the Chattahoochee Technical College
  • October 2014: Nazeem Alsabah performs at the Decatur Halooween parade
  • September 2014: Nazeem Alsabah performs at the 2014 DeKalb International Food and Music Festival
  • May 2014: Mother Daughter Day at the Nazeem Allayl Studios
  • April 2014: Nazeem Alsabah performs at the Dogwood Festival
  • April 2014: Nazeem Almassah and Nazeem Allayl performed at the GA Renaissance Festival
  • March 2014: Schadia performs at the Atlanta Technical College
  • October 2013: Nazeem Alsabah performed at the Atlanta Parents Magazine Block Party, held at Mercer University.
    Pictured above: Nazeem Alsabah members performing at local belly dance events
  • July, 2013: Nazeem Alsabah performed at Little 5 Points Community Center
  • Summer 2011+2012: Nazeem Alsabah performed at Atlanta Streets Alive
  • April, 2011+2012: Nazeem Alsabah and Nazeem Allayl performed at the GA Renaissance Festival
  • February 27th 2010: Nazeem Alsabah and Nazeem Allayl @ Day of Dance for Health, North Atlanta High School, organized by Piedmont Hospital
  • January 20th 2010: Nazeem Alsaah performs at the Chamber of Commerce New Years party at the Georgia Aquarium (Pictures)
    Pictured above: Dogwood festival (l), Restaurant (c), Egyptian Nights Weekend (r)
  • October 10th 2009: Nazeem Alsabah performs as Atlanta Parent Magazine's Family Block Party at Mercer University (Pictures)
  • September 10th 2009: Nazeem Alsabah members Sabeen and Daneen perform at Childrens Library day of Alpharetta
  • May 31st 2009: Nazeem Alsabah members Salwah and Sabeen performed and taught at Life to Go Seminar (Pictures)
  • May 9th 2009: Nazeem Alsabah performed and taught @ Project Curve Appeal at the Georgia International Convention Center (Pictures)
  • Saturday, February 28th 2009: Nazeem Alsabah and Nazeem Allayl @ Day of Dance for Health, North Atlanta High School, organized by Piedmont Hospital (Pictures)
  • Sunday, January 18th 2009: Nazeem Alsabah @ Girls Scout Conference,
  • the Mercer University Family Block Party Family Festival, Saturday, October 11, 2008 (Pictures)
  • the Stone Mountain Health Fair, Saturday September 27, 2008 (Pictures)
  • the Sean Maxwell Project Fashion Show supporting the Georgia Breast Cancer Foundation at "The Opera", April 26, 2008. ()
  • International Night Fundraiser for the National Association of Serving Hands, 2008 (Pictures)
  • Dogwood festival Cultural Corner, Atlanta April 2006
  • Charity Performance at Fundraiser for Lebanese Rotary Clubs, 2005, 2006 (Pictures)
  • Candler Park Community Fall Fest, 2003, 2004 (Pictures)
  • Hands On Atlanta Charity Holiday Party, 2002
  • St. Jude's Middle Eastern VIP fundraiser party, 2001
  • Gwinnett Hospital System Foundation Ball, 2001
  • Amercian Cancer Society Fund Raiser, 2000
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