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Atlanta Belly Dance Promotions

Congratulations on purchasing your Voucher (Groupon, Gift Certificate, or others)! Now you can enjoy all the benefits of belly dancing at the Atlanta Belly Dance Studios. Our all-female environment makes learning how to belly dance relaxing and fun. At our studios, we believe belly dancing is for all women - all sizes, shapes and ages (16+). It's a great way to exercise the abs and thighs while exploring one of the most ancient, feminine, and beautiful dance forms in the world.

Ready to get started? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions on this page to find out how to use your Voucher and join a class at Atlanta Belly Dance.

Frequent Questions


How do I use my Voucher?

Some promotions are limited to one type of use, i.e. 1x or 2x 5-week course vouchers can not be used for Punchcards, and visa versa.

Flexible vouchers such as gift certificates can be used in different ways. A $70-Value Voucher may be redeemed for either one five-week course or 5x pay-as-you-go workout classes. A $100-Value Voucher can be used for two five week course coupons or 10x ShimmyFit workout classes. If you choose the five-week course option, we'll register you when you drop by the studio. If you choose the pay-as-you-go ShimmyFit workout class option, you'll receive a punch card at that point.

You can join Drop-in classes any time, however,
5 Week courses have start and end dates, please check the respective studios website or see the big calender which lists all drop in classes and start dates of 5 week courses. The studio locations are color coded (Buckhead/Brookhaven, Little 5 Points, East Cobb). Direct link to calender.

$79.99 Value
$149.98 Value
1x 5-week course
1x Punchcard for 5-workout sessions
2x 5-week courses
1x Punchcard for 10-workout sessions
1x Punchcard for 5-workout sessions AND
1x 5-week course
Buy one get one free promotions: You simply get two of your options
1x or 2x 5-week courses - self explainatory

Joining a class is easy: NO RESERVATIONS REQUIRED

  1. Find out which studio is closest to you,
  2. select any (beginner) course you want to join before the voucher expires,
  3. and simply come to the first class with a printout of your voucher or a cellphone w/app to allow us to redeem your voucher.
    There's no need to call or make a reservation; we have ample space.
  4. Come dressed in workout clothes - whatever you would wear to a gym is fine (See also What should I wear?).
  5. Can't find us? Call (404) 638-6530

What class should I begin with?

We have many entry-level classes. At our studio, we call the entry level beginner level. You can start with any beginner level course. If your schedule permits it, we recommend starting with a choreography course or a combinations course. Part technique and part choreography, these classes put the moves you learn also into context. After five weeks in a choreography course, you'll have the satisfaction of learning a simple dance, starting with the basic moves. We rotate the topics and choreographies every five weeks, so if you have a day or time slot that works best for you, you can continue to take classes in the same time slot without having to take the same course over and over again. Technique courses teach you belly dance moves, but in isolation, i.e. no dancing to a choreography.

You will stay at the beginner level for at least half a year; to advance to the next level, we expect you to know at least 5 choreographies, including a veil and a zill dance, and that you have taken at least one technique course. So you see - which dance you start with does not matter.

What's the difference b/w pay-as-you-go and a five week course?

ShimmyFIT Belly Dance Workout - pay as you go

You can trade your voucher for a punch-card for six pay-as-you-go sessions. This punch card expires when your voucher expires. Every time you attend one of the sessions, we punch one hole (or two if you bring a friend along). Pay-as-you-go classes are belly dance workout classes where we drill basic belly dance moves and perform exercises to strengthen the muscles used in belly dance. There is no choreography.
Most flexible: You can attend multiple classes in a week at any of our studios or skip sessions if you want--it's up to you since you only "pay" when you use the punch card.
Simple moves only: Since these are walk-in classes and each session can have new students, we never build on previous weeks' knowledge. We start fresh each time, covering moves that are simple enough for first-timers. We'll also offer advanced variations for returning students who want more of a challenge. If you'd prefer to learn complex moves or choreographies, you should take a six week technique or choreography course (see below).

Five week courses - Choreography, Technique, and Combinations

If you actually want to progress and learn a dance, you need to take a

Choreography Course: In weeks 1-3, we teach the technique for a particular dance (see schedule). Then in weeks 4-5, we put the moves in sequence to form a simple choreography to a particular piece of music. You don't have to perform the dance in public ever, but if you want to, we host a variety of shows each year with ample performance opportunities.

Technique courses: Technique I is a great way to get an overview of belly dance moves. In this class we teach all of the beginner level belly dance moves, focusing on correct posture and breaking down all the details. In this class we only drill moves - there is no choreography. You can start off with a technique class, but you don't have to.

Combinations courses: Combo courses are a hybrid. In these courses, we teach both technique and combinations each session, usually to a theme like Totally Turkish or Shake it like Shakira.

Feel free to choose any beginner level course to get started at our studio. Once you have completed at least five choreography courses, you can advance to the intermediate level.

How do I make up a Missed Class?

Five-week courses have a start and an end date. Unfortunately, you can not make up a missed class. However, we know you may have to miss a class at some point, so our instructors review the previous week's material at the beginning of each session. And for choreography courses, you'll also get access to our helpful choreography notes that spell out the sequence of steps for the dance. If you need more help, you can also purchase DVDs that show our choreographies and explain technique. DVDs aren't the same as a live instructor, but they're a great help.

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