Bellygram - Hire a Belly Dancer

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Bellygram - Hire a Belly dancer

A "bellygram" is a 15-20 minute performance (set) which includes a veil dance, a zill dance, a drum solo dance, and a free style dance around the guests. The last song of a bellygram set will usually be a modern Middle Eastern song that is easy to clap and dance to. During this song the belly dancer will get the guest of honor, if there is one, up to dance and show them a few moves & just have fun with them. If desired, the dancer can perform multiple sets with breaks in between.

Cost: The cost depends on the number of dancers, the day of week and time of day, and the location.

Please call (404) 638-6530 for a quote.



Schadia 00178

Dancer Schadia at a Birthday Party - tell us your color scheme, and we match it with our costume (see flowers)

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Family Friendly Entertainment

Performances can be customized to be done in most any venue and for most any occasion. All bellygrams are meant to be suitable and entertaining for ALL ages.

We do not perform at all-male events such as bachelor parties.



Schadia 9079

Dancer Schadia at a Wedding

Having dancers entertain at parties is a centuries-old custom, an honored tradition in many parts of the world, and for the last quarter of a century, in America too. Belly dancers are hired to celebrate every kind of occasion, and it truly isn't a party unless you have a belly dancer! So, whatever kind of party you are planning, a belly dancer can help to liven things up and get the party started.

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You can hire one or more dancers for your event: Weddings - Birthday Parties - Sweet Sixteen - Girls night out - Fundraisers

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Our dancers are from the same troupe: we have matching costumes, know the same dances, and rehearse together (we're a dance company after all). This is very different from hiring multiple independent dancers! They will be cheaper, b/c they can not and do not dance together.

The Right Dancer for Your Event

Schadia works very hard to meet the needs of each and every client, and since she employs not only herself but a number of other professional dancers, she is sure to be able to find the perfect style of dance and dancer for you and your event.

This highly entertaining art form is a great crowd pleaser and is always performed in perfectly good taste. Along with an exceptional display of Middle Eastern Dance, audience participation can also be part of the fun. A perfect show for any event!

MahtaabBirthday 1629

Dancer Mahtaab at a Reception - tell us your color scheme, and we match it with our costume (here black & white)


Marwa 8693

Dancer Marwa at a Wedding

Costume Choices

If you hire Schadia or one of her dancers, she will be dressed in an authentic, tasteful and exquisite costume from the Middle East. Although most people prefer the cabaret style costumes, we also have many other less revealing costumes if the client wishes.

Amani 0893

Dancer Amani at a Fundraiser at the GA Aquarium

Mahtaab 5808

Dancer Mahtaab at a Wedding - we can dance with fire, veil, zills, sword, zills, cane, and more

Schadia-NewYear 0877

Dancer Schadia at a New Years Party


Dancer Schadia at a Birthday Party


Schadia 2192

Dancer Schadia at a Wedding - the bride had secretely taking classes with us to surprise her guests
Attention to detail: We brought the bride a sash to match her wedding colors

Schadia 6597

Schadia at a Wedding - Full Covered Costume, no arms and no belly are showing

Schadia 8662


Schadia at a Wedding - Costume shows arms, but belly is covered

Mahtaab 6576

Dancer Mahtaab at a Wedding - Cane Dance performed in a Traditional Beledi Dress (fully covered)


Family Friendly Entertainment: 

Our dancers only perform in family-style events. We do not perform at all/predominantly male events such as bachelor parties or fraternity parties. Should the dancer not feel save, she will approach the contact person with her concerns. We retain the right to cancel the contract if the unsafe conditions can not be rectified. Examples are unstable dance floors and unruly guests. The deposit will not be refunded.

Important Timing:

Should the start-time of the event be delayed by more than 20min, we have fulfilled our contract and expect to be paid in full at that point, whether we perform or not. The dancer(s) will stay and perform later for an additional $75/dancer per beginning of each hour if they have no other commitments.
If the event is cancelled with at least 24hrs notice, only the deposit is forfeited. Otherwise, the full amount is due.