Belly Dance Level Certification

Our motto is "Where Belly Dancers are created", as we offer a variety of tracks and certificates that allow you to start and grow as a belly dancer.

There are many ways to participate in our studio, both as a student or as a troupe member. Besides classes, we offer workshops and performance opportunities in casual haflas and formal shows.

For those who want official recognition of their progress, we offer a structured Level Certification program.


Certification and Levels
LevelsSquareSmFor students who are motivated by a challenge, who want formal feedback and a structure to their studies, we offer a Level Certification program. The Nazeem Allayl Studios Belly Dance certification program gives our students a clear path to progress, coupled with objective measurements of how much progress they have achieved. Through level specific course work, workshops and private one-on-one instruction, we help each student achieve her goals & obtain the skills that will be tested at each level.
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Student We offer a variety of classes and 5-week courses around Middle Eastern Dance, ranging from schedule friendly drop in classes (ShimmyFIT, Basic Belly Dance Technique, Combinations Courses) to focused Technique Courses and a large variety of Choreography Courses at different levels. We teach all styles of belly dance (Turkish, Egyptian, Lebanese, Tribal Fusion, Modern), and how to dance with the variety of props that belly dancers use (Veil, Sword, Zills, Fire, Fan Veil, Cane, Wings). For those who are interested, we offer a variety of performance opportunities ranging from casual Hafla dance parties to Studio Shows (see picture on right).

Troupe Member For those students who like to perform more often, we provide different troupes. Nazeem Alsabah, our student troupe, performs at charity events, studio shows, and haflas. Members meet weekly and practice partner and group dances. We also have two professional troupes, Nazeem Allayl and Nazeem Almassah. Members of these troupes are available for hire to dance at Weddings, Bridal Showers, Restaurants, etc.

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Restaurant Dancer
Schadia, our director, has developed a training program that most of the professional dancers in Metro Atlanta have taken.  The program consists of a series of workshops and lectures covering the building of performance sets, dancing with props, dancing in a restaurant environment, legal and insurance issues, and much more. What makes this program so unique is that we not only practice in simulations, but also pair apprentice dancers with senior dancers and perform in real restaurants. This allows us to keep a watchful eye and give trainees instant feedback, while at the same time limit the amount of time a trainee needs to be on the floor. A similar program exists for Bellygrams (short performances for weddings or birthday parties), where we not only teach you how it is done, but also take you to actual bellygrams so you can see how it is done. Successful graduates can use our services and get bookings for parties or restaurants through us.

Intro clases to restaurant style dancing are seasonally being offered, including Veil Dance, Sword Dance, Drum Solo, Audience Analysis, Tip Dancing, and the like.

Teacher and Workshop Instructor Schadia has developed a consistent methodology for teaching Middle Eastern Dance, and since we train our own teachers, we also offer a teacher training program. Here, we cover everything from how to teach belly dance technique, how to break down a choreography into learnable pieces, how to work with different learning styles, how to manage classes, and much more. We employ both simulations as well as an apprenticeship model to slowly built up the teaching skills of our teachers-in-training. Selected graduates of our teacher training program are offered teaching positions at our studios.